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Comment Re: As Frontalot says (Score 1) 631

You're missing my point. While a truly catastrophic event such as you describe would probably rapidly erode the value of the US dollar, such valatility is common to Bitcoin even lacking catastrophic events.

If your company started paying you in Pesos (fixed at todays exchange rate), and then continued paying you in Pesos going forward you'd still be subjected to far less volatility than what you'd currently be exposed to with Bitcoin.

Your main issue with being paid is Pesos is because they'd be a pain to exchange for goods and services in a country where they're not legal tender, not beause of any inherent instability in Pesos as a currency. Even most Mexicans would, at this point in time, refuse to have thier wages and salaries paid in Bitcoins.

Comment Re: As Frontalot says (Score 4, Insightful) 631

I think the truest test of whether Bitcoin can be regarded as a currency is: Would you be willing to be paid in it?

I don't speak for everyone, but my answer to that is a resounding no. When I get paid in the old fashioned currency of my land, I have a reasonable expectation that my purchasing power isn't going to vary widly from day to day. What I can buy with my salary today, I will still be able to buy with my salary in a day, or a month, roughly speaking.

The same can't be said of Bitcoin, at least not any time soon. Until then, I won't regard it as a currency.

Comment Re: For those of you that don't RTFA... (Score 1) 378

I hope you're aware that there's no prohibition on carrying liquids in containers exceeding 100ml onto planes, only through the airport security checkpoint. Once through that checkpoint you can quite happily buy and carry on liquids in pretty much any volume you choose. Apart from being unsanitary and degrading to the crew, you're not going to get the reaction you seem to be hoping for when you inform a flight attendant that you're carrying a container with more than 100ml of liquid in it...

Comment Re:Shouldn't be surprising (Score 1) 157

It's surprising that games are cheaper to make than movies.

Not really. You don't have actors demanding to be kept in 5 star opulence for the duration of the shoot. You don't need to move film crews and casts from location to location. You don't actually go around blowing up tanks, or crashing $100k sportscars. Granted, I see no same reason why you would want to do any of those if you could get the same result by using CGI (which to be bluntly honest isn't always up to the task - especially when it comes to explosions) but until all CGI is photorealistic there will always be a case for the more expensive option.

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