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Comment: Re:my first tracfone had an antenna (Score 1) 85 85

Freedom Pop phone quality is too often like talking under water. The cost is great, but the service is horrendous. I prepaid for one year.. Afterward, I learned that the bad reviews were blocked to others. There is no Sprint voice service on Freedom Pop, It's all data. Their VOIP implementation is terrible. Speaking from experience I went back to Straight Talk and now have high quality voice again. If you want to try Freedom Pop, sign up for the free service before giving them any money at all and make sure to block "top off" the data as they do so when you still have 100 MB left to use.

Comment: We'll see (Score 1) 85 85

Up until now Tracfone wouldn't even let me move a Straight Talk (a Tracfone company) phone onto Tracfone. They claimed they simply could not do it. Arguing that they could didn't help at all. Even with their statement that their phones will be unlocked if desired, I don't trust them to make unlocking easy for their users, or former users.

Comment: Re:Assumptions are the mother of all ... (Score 1) 166 166

Dell, HP, and ThinkPads all still come with Windows 7 Pro preinstalled. Check NewEgg or Amazon for the Windows Pro laptops. A good one can be had starting at under $600, which should be more durable than the cheaper consumer grade laptops are.

Comment: Opt out sneakware crap and Oracle suck. (Score 4, Interesting) 328 328

Oracle, and other company's, opt out crapware installs is one reason that we install Unchecky on all customer's PC's that we service since almost everyone had Ask toolbars, but had no idea how it got installed. This will help the less aware customers avoid crud buildup in their systems, no thanks to a-hole companies like Oracle.

Comment: No drive image? Not a smart guy. (Score 1) 297 297

Writing about hard drives and not making periodic drive images onto a portable hard drive (removed when the image is done to avoid power surges killing it) is simply inexcusable. Andy Patrizio doesn't seem to be a tech writer that understands the tech he's writing about. Otherwise, he wouldn't put out the embarrassing news that he's too stupid to make a full image backup of his hard drive, Sad. I'll make sure I avoid what he writes in the future as I can't trust that he understands what he's writing about.

Comment: Why can't America recycle its own paper/plastic? (Score 2) 371 371

I'm an American. We recycle in our home and business. It was my understanding that the paper/plastic stuff was being recycled here in America. Electronics were being shipped to China. The summary states that the overseas market for American recycled goods is drying up. I do not see why all of the paper/plastic that I recycle isn't recycled in the US, other than greed. Take what you can get for it locally,turn the paper into pulp and put the plastics into new goods, and stop complaining about cost. Recycling is getting more expensive like most other things. It's still better than putting it all in landfills.

Comment: Re:Countless science papers confirm average IQ Low (Score 1) 185 185

What you wrote, Mr. AC, is just plain stupid. Good nutrition allows the brain to properly and fully develop. Poor nutrition prevents the same. IQ cannot be measured at birth. Any human given proper nutrition from birth will achieve their full intellectual potential when provided a good education in a mentally stimulating environment. IQ test results go up and down somewhat depending on the degree of alertness of the person taking the test. You sure wrote a lot of words to present so little of substance. Now, go eat some veggies, run a few laps, and then think about your state of mind. It could use some improvement.

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