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Comment Do they have a clue? (Score 1) 56

I wonder if the powers that be at Microsoft realize the deep extent of distrust that they have brought to PC consumers. Our shop has a lot of customers that have been asking about Macs and even Chromebooks, since their kids use them in school. In the meantime, MS has been building resentment for their OS. That's going to have a negative long term effect on them. Maybe they haven't noticed how few Windows phones there are and considered that the same thing could also happen to Windows PC's market share over time.

Comment Anything NK does is suspicious (Score 4, Insightful) 286

It's amazing that NK still has the means to play serious games with the rest of the world. Of course, this test was intended to scare the rest of the world into throwing more money at the madman in charge hoping he stays quite again, for a little while at least. Instead, new ways to provoke an eventual land war will be dreamed up. They won't just go away. China needs to do more to keep NK under control, unless NK's games are tolerated by China for reasons unknown.

Comment Why vertically? (Score 1) 346

A plane takes off and lands horizontally because it's safer. They can glide to a landing if something goes wrong. Vertical takeoff and landing seems unnecessarily risky to me, unless Musk wants them to be able to take off from and land just about anywhere. Fine, make that an option, not the primary means of takeoff and landing.

Comment Re: Well, that's pretty much a textbook violation. (Score 2) 106

That may be true if you are in an area where they offer a decent signal. Where I am, T-mobile customers, usually visitors, often can't even make a call. The other 4 top providers work well. T-Mobile needs to build out their cell towers more, in sparely populated areas, to earn new customers.

Comment Re:Wifi allergy (Score 2) 83

It's logical to presume that our universe did not create a demon with horns that tortures "bad" people for all of eternity at the whim of a bearded white man sitting on a throne atop a cloud, with his spirit on one side and his son on the other side. The universe is far greater than that, whether it was created by the word of God that gave birth to the universe, or an initial vibration that set off a massive expansion and standing waves that led to the formation of matter when things cooled down.

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