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Comment: Pull the SD card (Score 1) 91

by ITRambo (#49754365) Attached to: Factory Reset On Millions of Android Devices Doesn't Wipe Storage
Internal SD cards aren't fully wiped during a reset. Why not just pull the card, put it in a computer card reader, format and then do an advanced wipe (I use ccleaner for wipes)? That's what I plan to do when I need to factory reset my phone. Prior to reading this I wouldn't have pulled the SD card before a reset. Now I will. Thanks for the tip.

Comment: Re:"Kaspersky's relationship with the Kremlin" (Score 2) 214

Kaspersky is in bed with the Kremlin in the sense that Symantec is in bed with the NSA, IMO. It's a company response to friendly pressure from their national governments to expose information that suits their purposes. If it was deeper than that, international companies like Kaspersky would quickly become local firms as customers shop elsewhere.

Comment: Real world use cases needed (Score 2) 184

by ITRambo (#49657489) Attached to: Enterprise SSDs, Powered Off, Potentially Lose Data In a Week
I skimmed though Seagate's paper. At first glance, it appears to have a hidden agenda. That is to make hard drives preferable to solid state drives for everyday use, as Seagate primarily sells hard drives. For long term storage that is what is generally done anyway due to cost, along with tape. For performance, 120+ GB SSD's cannot be beaten, one on one, by any hard drive. Does anyone know of data that indicates that (non-OCZ) drives lose data over time during use, not when powered off for many months after use? Seagate's paper may not be useful if it doesn't correspond to real world use.

Comment: Re:Vista imploded because of Media Center. (Score 2) 198

by ITRambo (#49653205) Attached to: What Might Have Happened To Windows Media Center
Media Center began in XP Media Center Edition 2004. It was improved and made more stable in XP MCE 2005. Vista was the result of MS trying to tack SQL onto NTFS. Longhorn took over ten times longer to boot because of it and was eventually killed. Vista, while slow to boot was an improvement. Media Center continued in Vista. Since Media Center was already several years old when Vista was released, I don't think it's "entire concept" was to become an entertainment center. That was simply a feature that was continued from XP MCE 2005. Now, with all the serious rewriting going on with Windows 10, Media Center is not a priority. If enough people demanded it, by, posting at insider.windows.com, it just might be put in Windows 10 some day.

Comment: Re:Just in time for the End of the Line (Score 4, Interesting) 166

by ITRambo (#49634123) Attached to: AMD Outlines Plans For Zen-Based Processors, First Due In 2016
We are a ways away from not being able to shrink dies further using known technologies. One atom, in this context, is much smaller than 10 nm. The range is 0.1 to 0.5 nm using various methods of calculating the atom's diameter (see link following). . Source on atom size: http://hypertextbook.com/facts...

Comment: Metamaterial needed (Score 1) 73

by ITRambo (#49601509) Attached to: Space Radiation May Alter Astronauts' Neurons
I wonder if anyone is addressing this problem by researching how to deflect the space radiation by designing meta-materials, with a negative refraction index, that would function at the specific energies and wavelengths that would cause damage to neurons. This might take decades, but seems like one possible solution. If you can't block the radiation, move it around you.

Comment: Re:Finally (Score 0) 63

How do we know you're not part of a competing firm, like Symantec? Posting as AC doesn't give us any reason to believe that your statements are true and plenty to doubt their veracity. I use 360 TS. If the company genuinely sucks, I'd like evidence of it, not anecdotes. Please post some links that can verify your comments. Have there been any incidences of Qihoo bullying firms outside of China? Are they trying to be a 1990's Microsoft-style company?

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