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Comment We're "this" close (Score 1) 169

We're still in the science fiction stage of a Mars mission. Nothing that I've seen indicates a serious effort is being made to go to Mars. I'm not sure humans should so so anyway as we're already using robotics to analyze the surface and scan from orbit.

Comment Re:Is Windows10 a thing? (Score 2) 191

Businesses still run Windows. Only two, of our dozens of business customers, have a Windows 10 PC. We strongly encourage all of our customer to put off until June 2016 to consider an upgrade from Windows 7. At that time we'll likely suggest that they stay on Windows 10 unless MS changes the terrible system they have in place for updating. We also ask them to uncheck the Windows update setting for installing Recommended updates. Recommended updates are no longer legitimate updates in the sense of historical WIndows updates that actually were intended to improve the OS you were running and not change it to one that is still unpolished. The new update mechanism is so inferior to the old service pack model that it's pitiful

Comment Management (Score 1) 191

Only when management recognizes that the ship will sink if customers' expectations aren't met will they buy into a costly change. Get the owners, or "deciders" onboard. If reprisals from coworkers is possible due to an already heavy workload or laziness, do it discretely. But, top management has to want a chnage to happen for it to happen.

Comment Re:Heads up all you telemetry disablers (Score 1) 181

I made system images and upgraded four machines using the Media Creation Tool. None of the spy stuff, which was all turned off except for the Basic telemetry setting which is close to XP's "Windows Error Reporting". turned back on. However, Edge replaced Foxit Reader as the default PDF reader. That's some good planning Microsoft, Replacing a reliable PDF reader with a weak browser. I changed the default back to Foxit.

Comment I used the Media Creation Tool (Score 5, Informative) 181

I used the Media Creation Tool to get it right away. Download the tool, run it and select Upgrade Now. Went flawlessly on our two laptops. The upgrade did change our default PDF reader back to Edge, which I changed back to Foxit Reader. The options to add color to the title bar is off by default. You can click on Personalization and then Color to change the setting. White title bars suck. Mail client, which is improved, is now called Outlook when it's opened. That seems like an odd choice since Outlook is a full fledged desktop app. Never doubt the capability of Microsoft to confuse. The Media Creation Tool download link is: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink...

Comment Re:Still a content problem (Score 1) 242

I'm not sure what you're watching. I find that there are now more quality dramas available then ever. AMC's recent productions of excellent shows, followed by CW, FX, and other networks, and Netflix's continuous creation of very good shows and original movies gives me more to watch then I have time for. I agree that the partially scripted "reality" shows and weak network comedies do mostly suck. Brooklyn 99 is funny as hell, though.

Comment I don't believe them (Score 1) 173

I have a hard time accepting that Microsoft is actually trying to keep data from any government. Putting a database in Germany that will be managed by German a communications company may make data collection easier for both governments while providing Microsoft the opportunity to claim security.

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