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Comment Best of luck on working while relaxing (Score 3, Interesting) 131

Aren't you simply moving your stress outdoors, when working to stay connected and available 24/7 while "relaxing" in the woods? I sympathize with your desire to work and simultaneously to relax. I personally work in a separate building on the same property as our home, but with a different address and facing the main drag with a customer entrance. I can relax in my home and work in the shop as needed. There are no vacations for us, just breaks from work that need to be taken advantage of. If you can achieve a greater degree of relaxation outdoors, successfully and affordably, I salute you.

Comment Doesn't seem practical (Score 1) 36

Powered by hydrogen peroxide that comes from where? There is no information in the linked article. If a person's blood is flowing why do they need to be "powered" at all if steered by magnetism? No one needs tiny devices that release hydrogen gas into their blood stream. So, remove the "powered" part, just steer it and it just might work without causing hydrogen embolisms.

Comment Re:Windows 10, it's free (Score 4, Informative) 318

Microsoft stores your hardware configuration on their servers as a hash after the free upgrade to Windows 10. After that you can clean install any time you want as long as you have the same motherboard. They call this hardware based digital entitlement. I've already done a clean install of Windows 10 and it activated within a few minutes. When installing cleanly make sure to click on "skip" then it asks for a product key or the install will be borked. Even when MS makes things simple they overly complicate them.

Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 1) 705

A security audit at the level of a ISO/QS quality registrar would open quite a few eyes. There needs to be a worldwide security standard such that any company hosting private information can voluntarily submit to for a rigorous audit that not only tests their security at all levels but makes sure that systems are in place to keep it up to date. Sure, building up a secure system to be able to pass the audit, and the actually going through the multi-day audit takes time and deep five figures of cash. Private industry needs to jump in and set living standards that have to be met. Companies that pass the audits can advertise that they have state of the art security online. Until this becomes the norm, expect corporations to continue to look at security as a cost and not a commercial advantage.

Comment Every plate is different (Score 1) 280

This makes no sense. If a chef can make every plate look identical and weight exactly the same based on precise quality control specifications, then they can claim copyright by filing a picture of their food and technical specs to obtain a legal copyright. It's just stupid otherwise. Cooking is an art, not a science. A "pinch" is not a technically precise measurement.

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