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Comment My country shames me again (Score 1) 388

It's time to leave well enough alone in the world. The US is not the good force that it was that helped end WW1 and WW2. I suspect that the cold hearted sociopaths that run the military and much of the federal government is more concerned with spin than soul searching after this event.

Comment Re:Downloading != Installing (Score 4, Interesting) 288

You are incorrect. I have a couple of customers that had Windows 10 install automatically while they were away. They claim to never have authorized this. One of my own workstations kept trying to install Windows 10 as an update for Windows 7 Pro, until I turned off Automatic Updates. A second identical workstation hasn't done this. It may be random. You have too much faith in Microsoft software being infallible. All software is buggy. You don't need to click YES this time around. PC's having Windows 7 replaced with Windows 10 with no user input is real. On the other hand, I've had a couple of customers that had broken Windows 7 installations. After making drive images, I got their okay to upgrade to Windows 10. In each case the PC ran much better and the problems. broken IE11 for one, were fixed. So, Windows 10 is a mixed bag. I like it when it's not being force fed.

Comment Climate change goes on (Score 1) 403

There are alternatives to fossil fuels that are frowned upon by various groups: nuclear, wind, solar with battery backup, and hydroelectric all work to supply electricity. These need to become the vast majority of what our power plants are based on, with gas generators for somewhat quick ramp up when additional power is needed. Another issue that I wish to make is that no one knows if long term climate warming is all bad. We won't know for sure until it happens and computer models are adjusted on an ongoing basis for better accuracy. Sure, agricultural will shift, ocean front property will move inland and unknowns will occur. I suspect that some venture capitalist groups will be eager to profit off of the new industries that pop up to help address the ongoing changes. I just hope they don't make matters worse..

Comment Constant updates to unused apps bugs me (Score 0) 151

The thing I don't like about Android is the almost daily updates for all the various apps. The ones I use should be updated. Most of Google's apps I do not use. Yet, they get updated on an ongoing basis. Then, after updating I'm notified that the apps were just updated. That part is annoying as hell. I think it's stupid to both notify me that an update is going to be installed and then separately notify me after it was just installed. This is old news, much like the old Francisco Franco is still dead SNL routine. Tell me when it fails please. Just stop being annoying.

Comment Re:Dead People? (Score 1) 49

The organic emission mix is what differentiates us as individuals. Every person while alive has a distinct odor, whether one wants to admit it or not. Upon death the body will release a mix of esters and other hydrocarbons, along with some sulphur compounds, that reflects what your body was composed of at the time of death. While there may be a generalized "smell of death", sensitive measurements using calibrated equipment could identify individuals once the organic emission mechanism after death is better understood. This is chemistry. Chemistry is fascinating. A gas chromatograph can tell you exactly what compounds, and in what amounts, a corpse is emitting, after capturing the gases and firing up the GC.

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