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Comment: Re:Hand out the PP slides after the talk. (Score 1) 181

by IDtheTarget (#46428689) Attached to: Physics Forum At Fermilab Bans Powerpoint

My memory has gotten considerably worse these past five years. I need something to take with me to stimulate my memory of the things I found important.

I also find that, if I'm busy trying to take notes, the Extraneous Cognitive Load ensures that I actually absorb less of the material.

Bottom line: If I have pre-printed notes, highlights, outline, etc of the talk before it is given, I can relax and enjoy the lecture, interact with the instructor, and only add specific impressions by writing on the handout. I'll retain more, learn more, and remember more.

Comment: Re:how can i tell if my router is affected? (Score 1) 134

by IDtheTarget (#46249737) Attached to: Linksys Routers Exploited By "TheMoon"

There's a small recessed reset button on the back of the router. You have to get a paper clip and try to push it in there. If the router starts saying "I'm sorry Dave, I can't let you do that," and hits you with an electric shock, it has been compromised.

Damn, the first time I can remember when I *actually* laughed out loud at a Slashdot post, and I'm without MOD points!

Comment: Re:Cost (Score 2) 473

by IDtheTarget (#46216899) Attached to: Ugly Trends Threaten Aviation Industry

> What part of "trends that some say have been accelerated by increasingly strict federal regulations" don't you understand? Big government strikes again . . .

He just just might not buy into the mindless Conservative drivel.

If incomes remain stagnant while inflation continues, EVERYTHING becomes more expensive. This includes any expensive esoteric hobbies. The cost of a pilot's license and an airplane is going to steadily become more and more out of reach even without the Tea Bagger rantings.

Reading the media nonsense and taking it completely at face value are two entirely different things.

My wife is a veterinarian trying to open her own clinic. I got angry, then depressed when I saw how much money we had to spend on useless, stupid regulation that did nothing but line the pockets of bureaucrats.

It's easy for you liberals to say that "big government" is a good thing, until you're a small business person trying to create and run a business and provide jobs for a few people. Once you have to actually deal with the crap you guys are creating, you'd sing a different tune, believe me.

Comment: We use Synology (Score 1) 168

by IDtheTarget (#46197561) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Distributed Online Storage For Families?

They're a bit expensive and I wish the documentation was better, but I've had some luck with the Synology products. They've got a lot of plug-in software modules, including an Asterisk PBM for VoIP, Cloud Station for folder synchronization, etc.

Make sure that you look at the specifications, if you're wanting encrypted tunnels or encrypted data on the drives, ensure that you buy one with the AES encryption set in hardware.

One more thing: I have had very poor luck with the Seagate drives I originally bought and put in a DS 412+. I replaced them with Western Digital Red NAS drives, and they work much better.

Comment: Everybody should provide the "feedback" they want (Score 1) 222

That javascript pop-up at the top asks for feedback with a link to, subject beta_feedback. (I'm not doing an actual link, because the beta site appears to not allow links).

I've already sent an email stating that, if beta becomes permanent, I will be deleting my account and not returning to Slashdot. If everybody gives their feedback about the Beta, perhaps they'll realize that they're going to lose all their money when we stop visiting.

Comment: Re:Gravity is not constant... (Score 1) 299

No shit. And measuring the mass of the slug in question involves weighing it. Or do you have another method involved for determining the mass of an object used as the constant for measuring mass?

Wow. So *this* is what modern education has come to?

Seriously, weight is an accelerational effect upon the mass by a force, in this case, gravity. Einstein taught us that any acceleration, outside of a frame of reference, would be identical. So, providing an acceleration by means of some other force while in microgravity would accomplish the same thing.

I suggest that you do a quick Google search on the subject. In about 5 seconds I found articles on using springs on the ISS, and a patent application for using a centrifuge to accomplish the same thing.

Comment: Re:Egocentrism (Score 1) 517

by IDtheTarget (#45942653) Attached to: How Weather Influences Global Warming Opinions

It's all the same

"There's no global warming because I'm cold." "There's no poverty because I'm rich." "There's no racism because I'm white."

Let me fix that for you:

"It's too hot because of global warming."
"It's too cold because of global warming."
"It's too wet because of global warming."
"It's too dry because of global warming."

I'll start believing in global warming when "climate scientists" actually start sharing the raw data so that it can be analyzed by people who disagree with them, instead of hiding the data, altering it and/or only sharing it with fellow "warmers". That's something that we call "science".

Comment: Re:Prior Art (Score 1) 107

by IDtheTarget (#45634737) Attached to: Storing Your Encrypted Passwords Offline On a Dedicated Device

He's not talking about an ANCD or other transfer device. He's talking about our Common Access Cards (CAC), by which we authenticate to DoD resources on the Web. The CAC has an encryption chip embedded in it, as well as some storage for certificates. I have a Smartcard reader attached to a USB port on my computer. When I need to get into a military website, I place my CAC in the reader. Windows 7 and 8 have built-in drivers for smart cards, and the web site will send a request for authentication to my computer. It will intercept the request and ask me to unlock my CAC. I enter my PIN, the CAC does it's PKI thing with my private certificate, and I have access to the website.

Most, if not all, federal agencies are moving to the Multi-factor authentication model, where we not only have to have the "something I know" piece, but the "something I have" piece, in this case, the CAC.

Comment: I don't blame him for turning off wireless... (Score 1, Interesting) 242

I don't really like the Republican party any more. They're running the country into the ground. But listening to how hateful the liberals are, and how they wish death to their political opponents (see list below), I can't really support them either. I don't want to be a member of the party of hate. So for now I'll be an independent.

That being said, if even a few of the below links are accurate, wouldn't you protect yourself from the left, who profess to want their political opponents to die?!

Comment: Re:Only if we market extra learning courses as ext (Score 1) 268

Nobody was left unemployable by lack of a WC or at the times, air travel, telephone, PC, or car.

As a matter of fact, having a PC or a car — and knowing, how to use them — did make the owner more employable, but I see your point: let's keep all children worse educated, or else, heaven forbid, some of them may turn out more employable than others...

This is called "Equality of Outcome", and is the primary theology of the liberal left. You will *never* be able to convince sjames that it's wrong. It's nearly impossible to change a person's religion.

Comment: Re:First impressions (Score 1) 127

by IDtheTarget (#44960805) Attached to: VLC Reaches 2.1

What is really exciting to me is the claimed support for mobile platforms. That kind of support for video is something I've really missed on Android.

I've been using MX Player. There's a free, Ad-supported version, and a paid version. I happily paid for it and haven't regretted it.

Comment: Re:Abandoning the cloud ? (Score 4, Interesting) 332

Disclaimer: I am an IT Security professional.

It all depends on your thread scenario. Most of the smaller side-projects I work on are of no interest to any entity able to intercept the data transfers, so I don't mind storing stuff in, say, Evernote or Dropbox where it is more convenient to do so.

The stuff that the survival of my small company depends on, running my own servers is worth the effort. For my holiday pictures, iCloud is perfectly acceptable.

I am also a security professional, and I mirrored your attitude until just a few weeks ago. Silly me, I figured that nobody cared to which political party I belonged, nor what religious group, nor that I am military and actually believe in the constitution. Unfortunately, it turns out that in our government, you may indeed be targeted based upon any of the above.

And now, there are indications (I can't find the article), that you will be targeted if you attempt to maintain your privacy from the government on these things by using encryption, etc. (And I'll probably go up on several watch-lists due to this post. *sigh*.)

To be honest, I'm not really sure what to do. You're damned if you do, and damned if you don't.

Comment: Re:I go into the bookstore (Score 1) 330

It would probably help if they'd honor their web prices in their stores. I looked up the new David Weber title last night, and it was about $18 on the website, $25 in the stores, and they don't honor the web price in the store, and after shipping it basically costs the same. Found this out calling the store. I didn't bother to buy it. I'll wait for a copy to show up at a used bookstore. I only have about a dozen of those to choose from around here.

Try Baen ebooks. (They have a section on David Weber.) They've got easily the best prices I've seen on science fiction titles, they often give away the first one or two books of an established series to get you hooked, and there's no DRM. They are the only publishing company I've encountered that treat their customers as people. If I want a book, I always try Baen first, then if they don't have the book I'll try the other stores.

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