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Social Networks

Where Does a Geek Find a Social Life? 1354

Posted by kdawson
from the meet-space dept.
JustShootMe writes "I have a question for my fellow Slashdotters, and yes, I realize I am entering the lion's den covered in tasty meat-flavored sauce. I have never been a very social person, preferring to throw myself into technology; therefore, I've been spectacularly unsuccessful in developing any meaningful interpersonal relationships. Lately I have begun to feel that this situation is not tenable, and I would like to fix it. But I really don't know how and haven't the faintest idea where to start. I know that I am in the minority and that there are many different kinds of Slashdot readers, most of whom have more experience in this realm than I do. So please tell me: how, and more importantly, where do you meet fellow geeks — preferably including some of the opposite gender — in meatspace?"

+ - Fun with US anti-spam laws.

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "Just look at last few lines on this web-page. Today I got a SPAM from them and they say that as they disclose the contact information so they have the right to spam. WTF is this. Any suggestions on what should be done with them."

+ - Subversion 1.4.4 released->

Submitted by
odiug writes "One of the Subversion committers blogs about the release of Subversion 1.4.4, which happened last Friday. This release includes a couple of bugfixes and a low-risk security issue. The Subversion 1.5 release, which will include Merge Tracking, is still on track."
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+ - Databases for Small Recruiting Firms?

Submitted by Aeron65432
Aeron65432 (805385) writes "I'm the DBA of a small IT recruiting/consulting firm in the Northeast, hired a few months ago. The database program we use is awful, outdated, too expensive and quite buggy. We are looking for a database program that we can index thousands of resumes and then quickly and easily search them by keywords. (C++, java, oracle, University of Michigan, etc.) Because I have to train the rest of the employees in this database, it has to be fairly simple and an easy GUI. What kind of database do you use for small firms? Is there an open-source solution?"

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