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by Hypotensive (#47653337) Attached to: The Technologies Changing What It Means To Be a Programmer
If you go back 30 years you'd probably have had to write the language you were going to use and an interpreter or compiler for it. You would absolutely have had to know about the database design, although the database would have been made up of byzantine interrelated b-trees rather than intuitive SQL tables. You'd have had to write everything from scratch for each task rather than leveraging huge libraries for everything. Things are many times easier these days yet you still find articles like this that bemoan how complicated everything is.

Comment: Comparison inherently bad (Score 1) 409

The paper does not distinguish between solar PV, solar thermal, and solar water heating, which are all completely different technologies with completely different scales of efficiency.

It does not distinguish between wind turbines sited on land and wind turbines sited at sea, despite the fact that the latter cost approximately 10 times more than the former to build and maintain.

Overall because of this conflation the results it comes up with are inherently flawed. Please try again.

Comment: Re:Not a private police force. (Score 1) 133

it's not private, not under the control of the companies in the CoL

The police authority for the City of London Police is the Common Council of the City, which is the Corporation of the City of London. According to the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 there is no elected commissioner replacing that police authority.

In the rest of the UK police authorities were phased out in 2012 and replaced by Police and Crime Commissioners, however there were two police forces that were exempt from this, the Met (whose PCC is the Mayor of London) and the City of London Police whose authority remains with the Corporation.

It answers to the Corporation. You are right that UK taxes pay for it but it is far from being a publicly accountable police force.

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The Corporation of the City of London is a government entity (the government of the City of London) but it is not democratically elected (aldermen are "elected" in a closed system by companies not individuals and the Corporation can decide to revoke any such appointment for whatever reason it feels like). So effectively it is a private members' only club with its own police force.

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Ukraine's own military might have done it

This seems somewhat improbable considering that their enemy, the separatists, don't have any aircraft.

It's the same situation as you had in Syria where chemical weapons were being deployed by helicopter in barrels. Was it the rebels or the government? Well, considering that the rebels don't have any helicopters...

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A better solution might be to remove the signals altogether. Several European towns have tried shared-space experiments where there are no signals or markings and the pedestrians and vehicle drivers have to actually watch out for each other. In all such experiments so far, traffic fatalities have dropped significantly.

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It's not a matter of evolution being true or not. Evolution is simply the scientific theory that explains the phenomena best, so far. There probably isn't any such thing as a universal truth, but it doesn't matter to science.

Creationism not only doesn't explain the phenomena best (since it fails Occam's Razor) but it doesn't follow scientific method and therefore is not a scientific theory. Therefore it cannot be taught as science, QED.

Also, there are lots of religious people that don't believe God created life, even Christians for whom the creation myth is a metaphor.

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However the Google pages that get returned by all UK ISPs are in the UK, because those ISPs use DNS hijacking to return their own servers' IP addresses (with a nice Google skin) whenever UK citizens ask for Google, and those servers are in the UK.

As to why they do it, something to do with complying with UK censorship legislation.

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