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Comment: Re:"Cancer" tag (Score 1) 221

by Hyperspite (#26169995) Attached to: Wireless Power Consortium Pushes For Standard

The reason UV radiation causes cancer is primarily because it interacts with (I believe) the CG linkage in your DNA, excites it, and causes it to randomly bond with a nucleotide adjacent to it. Various repair enzymes are responsible for fixing this obvious and easily invertible error, but sometimes they fuck up, thus, cancer.

Gamma radiation is stronger, so I imagine it simply causes all sorts of fucked up ness to happen to various cell components.

However, below the UV range, your cells absorb the power if certain chemical bonds resonate with the frequency, and the vast majority of it is transduced to kinetic energy (ie heat) if it is below the bond energy (which is usually the case). Thus, you mostly need to watch out for thermal effects. If you dump too much energy in, you'll get irritation and burns.

I'll let the rest of you figure out if this means the pads are bad because I am exhausted.


+ - Dark Horse uses internet to make millions.

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gebbeth writes "Republican and Libertarian minded candidate Ron Paul raises 6 million+ ONLINE on 12/16/07 (Anniversery of the Boston Tea Party). This record breaking donation spree counterpoints the Mainstream Media and polling coverage of the same candidate which are both suspiciously lacking. If a candidate is popular enough to gather enough support to break fundraising records, then surely he deserves the same coverage as other more well known candidates. The only factor that is really leveling the playing field is the internet, where a candidates' views can be presented without biased questions and barbs designed to disrupt the speaker. Additionally, supporters of a candidate who might previously have been segregated by geography now can band together with easy by virtue of social networking sites like To see the fundraising graph and the number of donors you can go to or Friends...protect the internet, it is our last bastion of free speech!!!"

+ - Egyptian Government Jailing Bloggers

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Chardish writes "The UK Telegraph is reporting that the Egyptian government has begun jailing bloggers critical of the regime. Shortly before his capture, one of the now-jailed bloggers posted that he had been suspicious that the police were spying on him. Another claims he was tortured. How long before bloggers start being forced offshore to free-speech-friendly countries?"
It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - Pig and the Box: Special Edition

Submitted by MasterThief
MasterThief (456547) writes "The anti-DRM kid's book The Pig and the Box is getting a special edition! The rights have apparently been sold to Random House, and a film's in the works too. With the distribution deal came some content changes, however... for example, the original ending, where the Pig realizes that DRM causes everyone pain has been replaced with:

Pig was so upset he sat down and started to cry: "This magic box is nothing but trouble!"
"Oh, Pig!" said Duck, "don't feel bad! It's not your fault! It's OUR fault for not using the buckets according to the terms and conditions set forth in the End User License Agreements we signed upon receipt of the merchandise!"
It's a keeper!"

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