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Comment Not the updates... (Score 5, Informative) 517

What slows Windows down are not the updates. You can have a Windows server running for years, installing updates and never slowing down.
You user profile is what is slowing your Windows down (the content of c:\users\%USERNAME%), and NO you can't just delete it... try to login with a new user and you'll see. It has been like that since Win95 and Microsoft has never fixed this.

Comment I think it is a issue of Apps... (Score 1) 484

...I have an iPhone 4s (just because I don't want that "post Jobs shit"), my wife has an iPhone 5s (we are both IT profs) and we just rarely NEED to reboot our phones. We choose Apple because "it just works", we don't have the time for fiddling with a phone when we have users running on Windows 7. Yes, things got worse after Jobs because Jobs was the man guaranteeing that things were ready BEFORE they shipped but they are still quite good.

Comment Well... (Score 1) 169

Normal film has been used fo decades and work quite well... and has the fantastic advantage of just looking at it and seeing what is on it and how it is ment to be used.

None of the hanky panky übercool digital solutions has a solution for your problem... but the good old Super8 does.

The digtal world has miserably failed the long time archiving problem.

Comment Re:No Way Out (Score 1) 720

"In general, water-cooled PCs are NOT quiet. There still must be high-volume air flow through the radiator, and in most cases that means: big fans."
You can drop the radiator with fan design and have are quite large ribbed aluminum tank instead, hot water gets in at top and you get room temp water out from the bottom. There has been at least one commercial implementation of this solution with a very nice looking tank.

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