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+ - Memjet Printer Roadmap: 360 Pages/Min By 2010

Submitted by writertype
writertype (541679) writes "You might recall the secret Silverbrook startup that launched a week or so ago after ten years of developing an advanced consumer inkjet printer. Now, PC Magazine has talked to executives at Memjet, a licensed Silverbrook spinoff that will sell components to OEMs to manufacture their own printers. Amazingly, they think they can design a consumer inkjet printer (current price target: about $200) which can print 360 pages per minute, a sixfold improvement over their current design. There's also talk about who the customers could be (Dell?) and how they'll deal with refills.

And for more fun reading, check out the over 1,400 patents founder Kai Silverbrook has had assigned to him."

Comment: Re:They're right, you know (Score 1) 259

by Hyecee (#16599898) Attached to: Windows XP SP3 Postponed Until 2008
There are free patch CD alternatives out there. Try It's got some other stuff in the Full release, but offers you the ability to choose just what you want to install, and will do it all unattended once the process starts. You can run it from CD, over a network or from a local disk. I use it several times a week to bring new SP2 installs up and patched to the latest month's releases. From there it just requires one or two downloads from MS. It's a relatively painless way to to get all the updates.

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