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Comment Re:The feature Samsung should bring back (Score 1) 58 58

I totally second this. If you type a lot with your smartphone, a physical keyboard is invaluable. If you use a slider style, you don't have to worry about that always fragile hinge and not sacrifice any screen size for the keyboard. Yea, your going to add some weight and thickness to the phone. But in my opinion, phones have become too light and thin. They always feel like they are going to slip out of my hands unless I put some type to tacky material/case on them.

Comment More technical issues than just CAs (Score 1) 212 212

There are more technical issues than just having a trusted CA in order to do HTTPS everywhere. The big issue is the legacy one certificate per IP:Port limitation. I know that is being resolved with SNI. Unfortunately that is going to take a while because both HTTP server _and_ clients need to updated to support this. Many of the current versions of the HTTP servers already support this. I've seen lots of mobile app HTTP clients that do not. Also what about some of the aging web servers/clients where the vendor has no plans up fix / upgrade them?

Comment Re:Open Source Alternatives? (Score 1) 93 93

Yes. I would recommend Tiny Tiny RSS ( ). I've been using it since Google announced Reader's demise. It is a web-based, PHP application but it does have a good JSON based API for other clients. There are already a couple of good clients for it on Android. There is also an iOS version but I cannot speak on the quality of it. I don't own any iOS devices. If you checked out your Google Reader data, you can import both the feeds via OPML and the starred items via a standard plugin. People have been using the free micro-instances of EC3 to host it with little issue if you cannot host it yourself. Shared hosting can be a bit more tricky because of watchdog process that hosting companies run.

Comment BlackBox forever! (Score 1) 654 654

While I do remember CDE... I can't say I have anything nostalgic to say about. If anything I have nightmares about it.

However, BlackBox was a great windows manager. It was lightweight, easy to configure, and beautiful. I still use its predecessor Fluxbox for all most servers that require a GUI.

Comment Insecure by Nature (Score -1, Troll) 177 177

Just like Apple's previous external bus, FireWire, Light Peak/Thunderbolt has an inherent security issue. Both of these buses allow DMA access. This makes it relatively trivial put on some type of password/PIN sniffer hardware. I wouldn't plan on using any Thunderbolt hardware unless the physical security is reliable. So to me, this is a useless technology on netbooks, notebooks, tables, etc...

Comment Intent Matters (Score 5, Insightful) 370 370

While this does give a loophole to pedophiles, I think it is an acceptable risk. Just having a 'child porn' photo in you browser cache should not be enough evidence to charge you as a pedophile. I know here in the USA, even being charged with a 'child porn' related crime is devastating. It can ruin your career whether you are guilty or not. How many times have you had a unexpected pop up from porn site or virus/trojan infected site that displayed possibly illegal content. Also this helps the people who are interested in something else on a site but the site also happens to have under age material also. This is a important because what if some add banner shows some underage content. In the past, this could have been considered enough evidence.

The big thing here is that viewing (browser cache) doesn't necessarily prove intent.

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