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Comment Re:Ublock = inferior & inefficient vs. hosts (Score 1) 189

As i mentioned before, uBlock and uBlock Origin are not the same product. my uBlock Origin was running about 40MB verses the 63MB of uBlock in that screen shot. Also RAM isn't a usually an issue for most people. That RAM could be used for caching and making lookups and checks faster. The big issue is CPU and any disk I/O that the extension uses.

Also constantly editing the hosts file, especially on windows boxes, is a PITA. Regular users wouldn't be able to do it and those who can just may not be bothered. Also diagnosing and issue because of a previously blocked site is real pain in the butt too. On mobile devices, you probably can't even edit the hosts file without rooting you phone.

Comment A poor solution for everyone (Score 1) 189

The majority of the adblockers are very heavy handed. They break webpages. ABP is one of them.

It will also do one of two things to sites (regardless of content) that mainly rely on advertising. It will make them go under or the sites will insert javascript for adblocker detection and force you to disable it to use the site. So it will be a near zero-sum game.

What we need is an HTML firewall to block all of the third-party advertising and scripting. This gives sites better control on what shows on their site. Luckily there is a great piece of software for this very thing. Take a look a uBlock Origin. Don't mistake it for uBlock which is a different product. Don't just take my word for it, Steve Gibson has given it a glowing endorsement too. You can checkout how it works here:

Comment Not generation but storage (Score 1) 232

While all of these generation sources have there own pros and cons, the one thing that would be greatly helpful would be efficient power storage (batteries / capacitors/etc). If we had efficient power storage at the house level, it would matter a lot less how we generate our power. We'd just get it from our storage buffer. This gives us consistent stable power to our homes and allows us to use mixed generation sources. Even at a full lose of power, a home could run for a while without an upstream power.

Comment Thunderbird needs to shift (Score 3, Interesting) 418

I do think Firefox and Thunderbird need to separate. There purposes are very different and they don't need a whole lot inter connectivity to each other. Thunderbird itself needs some restructuring in it's scope. That's the real problem with the Thunderbird project. Thunderbird needs to bite the bullet and be come a full PIM... yes like Outlook.

When do you ever JUST need e-mail. Just being an e-mail client is too limiting. E-mail, calendaring, tasks, contacts are so closely connecting nowadays. It is very hard to separate any of those and have them work well together. Thunderbird is still holding on to that though and it is hampering its development.

Yes I know there is lightning but it often feels like it is a half-backed hack. Thunderbird needs to connect itself with official support (or start it's own) open-source groupware server. I know there many out there but most of them have partial support at best.

Comment It is a myth! (Score 2) 242

...that there is a balance. Work almost always wins.

Companies want 24x7 support but don't want to pay for it. So in the mean time, they abuse there IT workers. So IT infrastructure and support departments are usually understaffed.

What's the IT working doing to do when people start scream at him to fix things he/she is responsible during the day. While it may not come to bite them in the ass the immediately, it will look bad on him/her. When raises / firings come around, that person will get the bad end the stick. With more and more IT jobs pushed over seas, getting a new job is not necessarily very easy.

Very often there isn't anybody else who understands what's going on in their environment. You'll be lucky to have two people on the same project that cover the same scope.

The companies hold all of the power.

Comment Re:Change just because? (Score 1) 227

it's no longer being updated and I feel it's time to change.

This mindset is ridiculous. Why do you "feel a need to change" if it still works for you? Are you expecting remote security vulnerabilities to show up in your note-taking software?

He did say that there were 'quirks' to it. To me that means bugs or implementations that don't work for him. If the developers aren't working on it anymore, what hope does the user have to getting the quirks resolved?

Comment Google Keep (Score 4, Interesting) 227

While Google Keep is cross platform, it isn't FLOSS but I still haven't found anything that matches it.

Major cross Platform support: Windows (Chrome app), Mac (Chrome app), Linux (Chrome app), iOS, Android
Offline note taking support
Syncing across platforms
Multi media input types: Text, lists, audio, image/photo,
Can be shared
No services to manage

No public API
May disappear because it is a good product :-/

Comment Re:The feature Samsung should bring back (Score 1) 59

I totally second this. If you type a lot with your smartphone, a physical keyboard is invaluable. If you use a slider style, you don't have to worry about that always fragile hinge and not sacrifice any screen size for the keyboard. Yea, your going to add some weight and thickness to the phone. But in my opinion, phones have become too light and thin. They always feel like they are going to slip out of my hands unless I put some type to tacky material/case on them.

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