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Comment: Re:In nearly 15 years, I've never done this... (Score 1) 347

by HybridST (#47314939) Attached to: Evidence of a Correction To the Speed of Light

Hawking thought this when he discovered/derived Hawking radiation from black holes. "Virtual" particles popping into existance exactly at the event horizon. Rather than annihilating as such particles typically do, one falls in and the other is released from the black hole.

This is a somewhat simplified account but the realization of virtual particles has been "known" for a few decades. Search youtube for "Susskind Black Hole" for a lecture series, about 16ish hours of material on this phenomenon.

Comment: Re:The science is not settled on this. (Score 1) 42

by HybridST (#47298003) Attached to: Fresh Evidence Supports Higgs Boson Discovery

We could call it whatever we like but "higgsoid object"

has no search results whereas "higgs-like object"

returns useful results. That's close to the term the popular media ascribed to the phenomenon when it was discovered and is close enough to the terminology in the journals to find the scientific papers involved without much extra effort.

Your call as to what you would like to call it though.

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Undergrad so take this with a grain of salt.

They found something that looks like a higgs, smells like a higgs, and even quacks like a higgs while looking in the higgs-pond. They, afaict, have not yet measured its quantum-spin as being zero which would confirm it's indeed a higgs.

If the higgs-like object that was discovered is truly A higgs, it may or may not be THE higgs of the standard model. The newly discovered decay channel of the higgs-like object seems to point toward the standard model and a few other frameworks which others here know in far greater detail than I.

Now they need to measure the spin...

Comment: learn the tools you use (Score 3, Funny) 222

by HybridST (#47015295) Attached to: The Physics of Hot Pockets

Most microwaves have a power control. 90 seconds at power 2 or 3, wait 1 minute. Flip, 1 minute at full power. Wait 3 minutes. Serve.

There exist websites and books devoted to this appliance and how to use it correctly. This is a non-story.

Caveat: there are some nice physics going on in the explanation but only for the layman. Look elsewhere for the gritty detail we /.ers are used to seeing.

+ - The Death of Dark Matter's #1 Competitor

Submitted by StartsWithABang
StartsWithABang (3485481) writes "Since as far back as the 1930s, observations of the largest structures in the Universe have shown us that there's a discrepancy between the amount of mass that can be inferred from the starlight we see and the amount of mass that we know must be there due to its gravitational effects. Either there's some new, unseen form of matter that isn't present in the Standard Model of particle physics — dark matter — or the laws of gravity are wrong and need to be modified. The leading candidate for the latter option is TeVeS, the first relativistic formulation of MOdified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND). Well, the first observational test capable of distinguishing between TeVeS and General Relativity is complete. Spoiler: Einstein wins again."

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