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It's also about politics as well, and how we perceive them as well. Take a look at the new V series. It's set after 9/11 when we've become suspicious of everything different, where we value security, and those that aren't with us, must be destroyed. This new series once again explores the unknown, (and yes it sucks majorly right now because they need a writing staff that's more qualified to do justice,) but at the same time it explores how our ideologies are. Think about this as well, charismatic and "peaceful" beings who want to share with us their tech and heal us. It's also about religion. The old series didn't have a priest who was questioning everything that the V said. That's what makes this series so good, is that it has more depth to it then the original series. Plus the role of Anna, she has a hidden agenda, and while I am a democrat, I can see huge allusions to Obama and his presidential reign. The old series was directed more towards the whole Cold War era, in a time where we didn't know where we were going or what we were doing. In this new series, we have 9/11 and terrorists and sleeper cells.

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Local seattle author, Syne Mitchell explores the idea of implants connected with technology The Changeling Plague TechnoGenesis (if you want a good version of what a future with implants looks like, this is a must read) The Last Mortal Man (three books, awesome series, another implant book)

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quick question here. I'm sure this has already been covered, but I am confused, so hopefully this will answer it. are we talking targeting laser here which then is coupled with something else, such as a missile that fires or are we talking about an actual laser that fires and does damage, such as the laser that the Death Star has?

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Is it just me, or are people getting stupider and it's the younger generations who are getting smarter? People got all afraid of Y2K thinking it would be the end of the civilized world and we'd be back to the stone age, and lo nothing happened. other then it becoming a new year and computers and technology still existing. People take television and movies too seriously. I've known people who've read The Left Behind Series and take it as Gospel. ::rolls Eyes:: So you see it's because we're really a lot more uneducated then we let on. and we force these things on others who take it as gospel, and sooner or later we've got mass stupidity and suicides and other issues because of one Hollywood movie. Yaghoi.

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I was in Nz in May and visited both the A.J. Hacket place and the Zorb place out of Rotorura. two awesome experiences. lots of videos and photos. I miss the place, it's one of the places that I would go back to and visit, possibly even live there. I love Queenstown, very New York style place.

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Submission + - SPAM: Female Viagra writes: 'A drug originally designed to fight depression has shown to increase sex drive in women with low libido,' says The drug flibanserin may not be the best antidepressant, but it works in the brain to increase woman's libido. Clinical trials for the therapeutic use of flibanserin for women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder are going on now at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. So far women experience increased sexual desire and increased satisfaction from sexual experiences.
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Submission + - IT Survey: Pay stagnates, workforce grows restless->

jcatcw writes: The results of Computerworld's annual poll, this time of 5,861 IT professionals, show that salaries were flat this year, bonuses were way down, and benefits were reduced or eliminated. This year also saw increases in the percentages of respondents reporting canceled projects (35%, compared with 25% last year), training cuts (37% vs. 25%), budget cuts (65% vs. 53%), salary freezes (51% vs. 22%), and hiring freezes (48% vs. 33%). And that's just for the people who remain employed — 44% of respondents reported permanent layoffs at their companies in the 2009 study, up from 28% in 2008. It's no wonder that satisfaction is down, even among those who reported feeling lucky just to have a job. Some are like Jean-Sebastien Picard, IT manager at Polycor, who is determined to stay positive despite a 10% pay cut. "I'm always happy at work, and I think it's our job to maintain a good atmosphere," he says. Others, such as Arthur MacLeod, systems administrator at Service Point USA, see silver linings in staff cuts, such as the opportunity to improve time management skills and increase cross-training. But even for MacLeod, satisfaction is starting to wane. Check how your packet compares with the Interactive Smart Salary Tool 2009. Maybe you should be planning for your next job. After all, some positions may even be opening up with a possible IT exodus looming.
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Submission + - New Zealand to Launch First Private Space Rocket->

RobGoldsmith writes: Private New Zealand aerospace company Rocket Lab completed its final ground-based test today and is now ready to launch New Zealand into the space race with its Atea-1 launch vehicle. The first high altitude launch of Atea-1 is scheduled for the end of November this year. Once Atea-1 has successfully concluded the development phase it will be the first privately built rocket launched from the Southern Hemisphere to enter space. Read this article to see a new CGI movie and get more information on the launch!
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Submission + - Hands on with the HTC Touch HD2->

Barence writes: Pc Pro has its hands on the much-anticipated HTC Touch HD2, and first impressions are good. The huge screen earns much of the praise, balanced out by the necessarily bloated size of the handset. In fact the initial verdict is that it's "in many ways better than the iPhone. And that’s despite the use of Windows Mobile 6.5."
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