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Comment Re:DISA or FBI (Score 1) 298 298

If it is a personal ftp server from your home ISP, then as others have said, NO. Any government agency won't care if someone is trying to hack you. However, if it is being hosted by a business' ISP, and especially if that business does ANY type of government contracting, then do contact a local field office.

Comment DISA or FBI (Score 2) 298 298

I had a few meetings with local FBI cyber people, and they recommended for me to send things like that to either DISA or to them (the local field office for my area) Contact your local FBI field office and see what they say. If you can talk to their cyber division they are usually helpful. (usually...)

Comment Quantum Teleportation (Score 1) 346 346

This would be the only way I see as being able to beat physical mediums for data transportation. Granted there are many hurdles to overcome, and it is still not fully understood, but it would be far superior to any wireless [and wired] based system when [if] mastered.

Comment When will these people learn... (Score 1) 312 312

Do they realize they would sell more units by being friendly to the modding community? In regards to pirating, it is not their job to police users pirating. It is the job of law enforcement to uphold the laws, and it is then up to the courts to determine guilt and punishment.

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