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What the writer most certainly meant to use is - kWh or kilowatt-hour. The wikipedia entry on the kilowatt-hour even includes separate sections on both the confusion between kilowatt-hours (energy) and kilowatts (power) as well as the misuse of "watts per hour".

1 Kilowatts/Hour, can make sense, but not in this context. It could be used to describe the change in power of a system. For example, if a generator reaches its maximum power output of 5 kW from 0 kW in 10 minutes, then it has a ramp-up rate of 30 kW/h

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Of course, half the shows you listed are on subscription service only channels (HBO, Showtime, Starz) and the others, except for Doctor Who are/were on cable only. Doctor Who does eventually show up on PBS in most markets, after a significant delay. There is some decent TV out there, but there's also a lot of crap, especially all the "Reality" shows.

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That assumes either the gear shift is mechanically connected to the transmission, or the onboard computer which is currently making you accelerate actually responds when you change the gearshift and attempts to move to neutral, and it doesn't have software telling it not to move to neutral if the rpms are over a certain speed.

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The article mentions he's epileptic and the car is modified for disabled drivers. I'm guessing its got an automatic transmission. When it mentioned he had two seizures during the situation, I'm actually wondering if he was having a seizure and the whole time and depressing the accelerator without even realizing it.

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The game has a few great Easter Eggs as well. The only one I've tried and confirmed so far is the Guile's Stage music trick. In any level, pause, hold down jump, and press Up, Down, Down, Down. You'll get Guile's Theme in place of all background music until you reenter the code. There are also some codes out there to remove Mega Man's helmet, and to always have Ryu's Hadoken even if you haven't beaten him yet, but I haven't tried either yet. You can also face Akuma if you manage to get 3 Perfects.

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I haven't tried in WINE but even in Windows it didn't recognize my controller fully the first time until I got into a stage (but it works fine since then, so I don't know). I used Enter to get into a stage, then Enter to pause, and then I think it was F2 to setup controller buttons for jump, fire and pause.

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I've been playing this and have a couple of ideas why there's no save feature: 1) Since its Street Fighter x Mega Man, Street Fighter does not have a Password or Save feature. Instead, they gave us infinite continues, which is what Street Fighter has (and the continue screen looks sort of like the Street Fighter continue screen) 2) Each level is relatively short - shorter than the typical Mega Man levels I remember (about 5 minutes per stage or less) so you should be able to play through it in one sitting Also, it runs as a stand alone .exe without any install process to setup where it would save games.

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A large amount of that cost is the electronics system on board (countermeasures, surveillance systems, radar, etc). The plane itself is a modified Boeing 707-300, with upgraded engines and other equipment, so the actual plane is probably somewhere in the $35-60 million range (although I'm guessing there, I can't find solid numbers) Based on that its probably more economical to salvage the equipment to be reused in a new unit, or as parts to repair other units as needed.

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I'm actually interested in the 3DS, and the reason I haven't bought one isn't because of the 3D being a "gimmick" - its simply that there aren't any "must own" titles out for it. This is really the same problem the Wii had as well, and it looks like the WiiU might have next year. There launch lineups for the last few systems have been fairly weak. In the old days, every Nintendo system launched with a brand new Mario title to show off what the system could do, and a lot of other Nintendo properties were available shortly after launch as well. What Nintendo really needs to do for all of their new systems is make sure one of their main properties has a title out at launch, like a new Mario, Zelda or Metroid, or for the handhelds, there should probably be a Pokemon game at launch.

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I didn't like the early episodes of SG:U immediately after the pilot because it seemed like it was trying too hard to be like BSG and was too far removed from typical Stargate stuff, but it definitely picked up more later in season 1 and during season 2. Unfortunately like a lot of shows, its getting cancelled just when it was getting good. A lot of shows need a season or two to become consistently good (anyone remember some of the ST:TNG episodes in the first two seasons?) and I think it deserved at least one more, but its more expensive to produce than wrestling or that Ghost Hunters BS.

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The only hole now is that the steam ID is probably unencrypted, so malicious users can probably troll others by posting the error message on Steam tech support with their victim's steam ID. But since Valve has the balls to release this info, they probably already have some mechanism in place to prevent these trollers from doing so.

I assume they would simply compare the SteamID posted in the forum against the your Steam forum user name, and would have some questions for you if you were posting someone else's Steam ID. Also, while I'm not 100% sure, I think they might have a way of checking what you currently have installed in your Steam folders on your system when you connect, so they could also check if you have Garry's Mod installed, but are not on the list of purchasers.

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The cops can come knocking on my door for no reason whatsoever; that doesn't mean I'm going to jail.

True, but it would still be simpler to avoid the hassle and accusations altogether. Most college students generally don't have the spare cash for a defense attorney if they end up facing an overzealous prosecutor who decides to press charges. And if law enforcements decides to confiscate your computer equipment as evidence to prove or disprove it was you (since their warrant after tracking your IP would probably call for taking your computers), you're SOL if your term papers and other assignments were all stored on it. Even if you weren't responsible for what caused the original subpoena for the IP, a lot of college students (and other people) probably have at least a few things on their computer that would have questionable legality.

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So if someone uses your open wifi connection to do any of the following, you're expecting that the police or FBI won't come knocking on your door just because you have open wifi?

Examples of wifi activity that could cause problems:
  • Child pornography
  • Sending death threats, bomb threats, other terroristic acts
  • Large amounts of file sharing (hundreds of GB)
  • Script kiddies and other want to be hackers using your wifi connection
  • VOIP Caller ID spoofing for "swatting" and other similar pranks

If the college gets a request/subpoena for an IP address owner, they're going to give the room/resident that the wifi router is in, and that student will have to deal with the consequences. Even if they can eventually show it wasn't actually them, they're the one that will be targeted.
Sharing protected wifi with trusted friends is ok. Leaving a wifi router open in a college dormitory is not a good idea. Connecting to an open wifi connection in a dorm is probably just as bad of an idea, unless you know what you're actually connecting to.

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