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+ - Supreme Court Unanimously rules that police need a warrant to search cell phones-> 1

Submitted by HunterZero
HunterZero (102709) writes "The Supreme Court on Wednesday unanimously ruled that police may not search the cell phones of criminal suspects upon arrest without a warrant. By a 9-0 vote, the justices said smart phones and other electronic devices were not in the same category as wallets, briefcases, and vehicles — all currently subject to limited initial examination by law enforcement."
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Comment: Get an MBA if you want a boost (Score 3, Insightful) 234

by HunterZero (#39981831) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Degree For a Late Career Boost?

I don't know how it is in Germany, but here in the USA (especially in the Silicon Valley) if you want a late career boost, go get an MBA. Having an MBA isn't a four-letter word around here, especially if you get one from a good program. MIT has an excellent executive MBA program that can be done remotely, and everyone I've encountered with one has been top-notch. Same goes for an MBA from Stanford or even the other colleges local to the area.

Having an MBA opens a lot more doors for you. If you already have a good amount of experience in IT and Software Development, go get a degree in something outside of those fields to help expand your options.

You could also get a degree in something you enjoy personally but won't directly get you a job. Education doesn't just have to be for professional development.


+ - ASCAP Seeks Licensing Fees for Guitar Hero Arcade->

Submitted by Self Bias Resistor
Self Bias Resistor (136938) writes "According to a post on the Arcade-Museum forums, ASCAP is demanding an annual $800 licensing fee from at least one operator of a Guitar Hero Arcade machine, citing ASCAP licensing regulations regarding jukeboxes. An ASCAP representative allegedly told the operator that she viewed the Guitar Hero machine as a jukebox of sorts. The operator told ASCAP to contact Raw Thrills, the company that sells the arcade units. The case is ongoing and GamePolitics is currently seeking clarification of the story from ASCAP."
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+ - Apple Answers FCC, explains Google Voice Rejection

Submitted by
HunterZero writes "Apple has released their side of the story as to why the Google Voice app was "rejected". According to Apple, the application has not been rejected but is still undergoing review. Their reason: "... it appears to alter the iPhone's distinctive user experience by replacing the iPhone's core mobile telephone functionality and Apple user interface with its own user interface...". Apple also answers other questions posed to it by the FCC."

+ - Killer's alleged step-mom writes to Gabe of PA

Submitted by Shambhu
Shambhu (198415) writes "In this Penny Arcade post (scroll down) Gabe displays an email received from someone claiming to be the step-mother of one of the teenage killers of a homeless man that got so much press recently. The letter was in response to Gabe's earlier rant about the media blaming video games for violent crime which included a link to this CNN article. It doesn't make for very pleasant reading, and while I don't know how or when the authenticity will be confirmed, the letter confirms what most people expected: that these kids were not 'normal' in most senses of the term."

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