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Comment Re:I will never attend another GenCon (Score 1) 886

As someone who has owned an FLGS,
has friends who are publishers and writers of gaming material.
Helped start AWA, Project A-kon and staffed decades of DragonCon

I hereby promise to never attend another GenCon.

People should be able to serve whom they want and I refuse to bow down to the tyranny of the minority

To those who modded me as a troll, I am aware you do not know what trolling is. I expressed a dissenting opinion, and you chose to bury it rather than respond. You are cowards.

I stand by my right to chose what business I do. If you do not want to do business with me, that is fine, but I have the legal right, as does any closely held company in the US to do business within my religious parameters. The US Supreme Court has already backed up that opinion. Feel free to boycott me, I am good at what I do and my skills are in more demand than I can reply to anyways, and I could retire now should I want to. I will stand by my freedom.

You dislike me, you feel I am a bigot and misanthrope, why would you want to give me your money to begin with? Further were the shoe on the other foot, do you want the government telling you that you must do business with me? I did not think so.

You are full of vitriol and shame, I am full of neither.

Comment I will never attend another GenCon (Score -1, Troll) 886

As someone who has owned an FLGS,
has friends who are publishers and writers of gaming material.
Helped start AWA, Project A-kon and staffed decades of DragonCon

I hereby promise to never attend another GenCon.

People should be able to serve whom they want and I refuse to bow down to the tyranny of the minority

Comment Re:When we give money to the schools ... (Score 1) 229

Social values by community? Are you *trying* to push us back into the era of segregation?

Sorry, that was a silly question, of course you are, because you're an idiot troll. Try harder next time.

What has segregation got to do with social values by community?

Social values by community is like obscenity, the values are set by the people of that community.
So: Do you take off your hat when you enter a building? Social value by community.
Do you hold the door open for a female? SVxC.
Do you use sir when addressing an older individual? SVxC.

Racists see racism in everything. Those of us who are not, do not.

Comment Re:Charge what it costs to certify (Score 2) 123

Rather than simply make a quip, would you care to show a general trend of neglect in the pharmaceutical industry? While there are instances of abuse, the over all standards for pharmaceuticals in the US for safety is far better than what one would expect from your comment.

I beg to differ. Are you unaware of the 6+ year history of enforcement actions against the pharmaceutical giant Ranbaxy for gross violations of health and safety standards? http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/01/24/us-ranbaxy-ban-idUSBREA0N06Z20140124. And the FDA enforcements were only started after the pharma giant had been documented by private auditing firms as intentionally neglecting health and safety standards in their drug production processes. http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2013-05-28/news/39580238_1_ranbaxy-case-us-drug-regulator-paonta-sahib

That's 3 extra years that American health was at-risk because the pharmaceutical industry was allowed to rely on non-government, private safety inspectors.

You can 'beg to differ" all you want to, but you made my point for me with "FDA enforcements were only started after the pharma giant had been documented by private auditing firms".

In fact, I am well aware of that case and it was the specific case I had in mind when I mentioned the exception that proves the rule.

Comment Re:Charge what it costs to certify (Score 1) 123

I am not certain why you think my ideas are Libertarian, especially given that I rate libertarians somewhere along the lines of neocons (I agree with them about 50%).

You make several comments that are absolutely falsifiable however. such as: "government agency is always more trustworthy than a private company"

I do find it interesting that you accuse me of being, or at least having, libertarian [ideas] and then go on to describe a libertarian viewpoint. Not being Libertarian, I do not agree with that viewpoint.

In any case, you have failed to make you case with me, I see that you are simply going to be dogmatic and provide neither reason nor proof. I suspect it is because we have very different qualifications for what is a "reason" and what is "proof". So how about we simply agree to disagree? You can think I am a libertarian, and I will think you are wrong. One of us will be correct.

Comment Re:Not a federal role is not equiv to no gov't rol (Score 1) 123

Thank you for providing another viewpoint. I do appreciate other people rephrasing things within their own experience as I know my own view points are only expressed through my own lenses. Diversity helps people get past hangups they may have with my particular affectations.

Comment Re:Charge what it costs to certify (Score 1) 123

Actually no I did not say that. Again you are making a link that private regulation is no regulation, and even in the OP I did not say simply private regulation I said with oversight. It is really no different that hiring contractors, which is something we do frequently via the Federal Government and in private industry.

I have already given a simple example of how it could work, twice now you have simply responded with a dogmatic statement and no connecting evidence or reason.

  If you do not provide any I will have to infer three things:
1) You simply believe only the government is capable of doing the work
2) All government workers must be actual government works and not contractors
3) The government is incorruptible.

Since I know that all 3 of these are historically and factually false we will have no where left to go.

Comment Re:FDA shouldn't even exist in the first place (Score 1, Troll) 123

How does the existence of radium products grant a power to the Federal Givernment? {spelling intentional). I was under the impression that we had things called laws that laid out what the government could and could not do .. but I already said that when I went into the difference between regulative and normative.

Maybe you are an ends justifies the means kind of person.. I am a deontologist.

Comment Re:does it mean anything though? (Score 1) 123

If that phraseology works for you .. fine. I tried to make it as generic as possible and actually just grabbed the Wikipedia summary and the begthequestion.info tail.

If you really want to understand it then go look at J Woods / D Walton article which is a nice basic intro to the subject.

Comment Re:Charge what it costs to certify (Score 3, Insightful) 123

In other words, provide no oversight at all while an "independent" firm rubber stamps all the industry's apps for a completely legal fee which ends up going to the executives of the fake company via bonuses, then let it fold and start up a new one.

Privatized enforcement is no enforcement. If it can't be overseen by the government it needs to either be banned. You can open up the question of if it needs to be regulated at all, but providing the illusion of safety and regulation when there is none is far worse.

Nowhere does the OP say that, you are jumping way down an argument and not providing your work in between. How I read the OP is that private contractors do the heavy lifting and then the FDA comes back in and audits the results. If you audit one in 3, then see a group fails to catch something so you audit their entire batch, that is still substantial oversight.

I also would be willing to jump in and say the FDA is overstepping what little role it should have and might be provided by the ICC (Article I, Section 8, Clause 3) and would even be willing to say that it may only regulate the actual commerce and not the actual products, however I think the OP is a step in the right direction.

Comment Free Market at Work (Score 3, Insightful) 435

How is this a long term bad thing? Either the industry will come up with an idea that will allow a marketable solar power system sans subsidies and thus thrive, or it will die and we can move on to the next idea instead of wasting engineering hours on a failed/NRFPT energy source. In either case we win.

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