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Submission + - Turn your iPod Touch into a Phone->

Humunculus writes: Turn your iPod Touch into a phone! Interesting application and hardware about to be released in China that "wraps" around your iPod touch to provide phone functionality for about $60. Now of course I am not saying it will change it to an iPhone, as it's not Apple based, but interesting nonetheless. I am just wondering how the actual app to drive it will get past Apple via iTunes or perhaps the iPod needs to be jailbroken first? There is a lot of informaiton on this link about the product, but unfortunately most is in Chinese. Wow there's life left for my iPod Touch, way cheaper than an iPhone and not locked to any carrier!
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Submission + - NASA's space balloon crashes into car in Australia->

Humunculus writes: Of more worldly issues, NASA's latest multimillion dollar stratosphere bound balloon launch has gone horribly wrong and crashed into a car, turning it over and narrowly missing two elderly people who were observing the launch. The payload fared worse reportedly being smashed into a "thousand pieces".
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Submission + - Aussie ISP slays Hollywood in landmark piracy case->

Humunculus writes: The biggest Hollywood studios including Village Roadshow, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, 20th Century Fox and Disney, have lost their case against a large, Australian ISP iiNet whose customers downloaded pirated movies and television programs. In a landmark judgment handed down in the Federal Court today. "The decision had the potential to impact internet users and the internet industry profoundly as it sets a legal precedent surrounding how much ISPs are required to do to prevent customers from downloading movies and other content illegally." Hmm, seems at least the internet gateway providers don't have to be the gatekeepers at least!
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