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Comment: Re:the facts of the case (Score 1) 381

by Hubbell (#31552862) Attached to: Sci-Fi Writer Peter Watts Convicted of Assault
I'm just going to come out and say it for everyone else. You and the rest of jurors are useless fucking assholes and one of the main reasons I hope to god I never have to face a jury of my 'peers' I don't even need to explain why your explanation makes this case even more fucked up because it should be clear as day to anyone who read your post.

Comment: Re:UO wasn't that much fun really (Score 1) 480

by Hubbell (#31236520) Attached to: Why Are There No Popular <em>Ultima Online</em>-Like MMOs?
2+on1 should be the most fun fights. The problem is wow is entirely based on class/item/level, with an incredibly minimal amount on playerskill. The lack of collision detection (aka the game is all based on autohit so you can't dodge anything manually) makes the class/item/level based existence even more solidified. In games like Asheron's Call and now Darkfall Online not only are the games less based on character skill/items/level, you can manually dodge most (in AC) or ALL (in Darkfall) attacks if you were good enough. My favorite fights in AC were on my level 140 (max level was 245, you would earn experience and 'buy' points into each skill on a diminishing return curve, each point costing more than the next, last 5 points costing more than the previous 200 or so) fighting 5-15on1 against levels 120-245.

Comment: Re:Paging Bernie Madoff Clients... (Score 1) 666

by Hubbell (#30298826) Attached to: Somali Pirates Open Up a "Stock Exchange"
Economic aid is the major problem with africa today outside of the face that the colonial powers back in the day provided them with an instant technological jump across several ages without the corresponding cultural changes that took place allowing for those changes back home.

Do you think people on welfare care about getting a job when they know they'll keep getting free money for doing absolutely nothing? Stop giving africa money and give them a 1 shot chance at learning to take care of themselves through farming and the like. If they don't take it, oh well, sometimes you need to walk away and cut your losses.

Comment: Re:I am shocked! (Score 3, Informative) 670

by Hubbell (#30236644) Attached to: Obama Wants Computer Privacy Ruling Overturned
The desire for the people to defend themselves from a tyrannical government which was overstepping it's bounds was THE reason for support of the 2nd amendment, everything else was just fluff. They had just finished fighting a war for their independence from just such a government and knew that the people NEEDED that ability to keep checks on their government when the time came again for such an event.

Comment: Re:If ever I heard an argument (Score 1) 157

by Hubbell (#30103294) Attached to: The Mass Production of Living Tissue
I don't feel anything on my cock when I'm having sex other than warmth/wetness, there is no pleasurable feeling on it except the head when having an orgasm. The only way I can even orgasm while having sex is by grinding once all the way in and feeling my girl against me around my dick, mostly between it and my legs. I love getting head but only from watching it occur because otherwise I don't feel a fucking thing almost except, as previously stated, during orgasm.

Comment: Re:Roundabouts (Score 1) 483

by Hubbell (#30000530) Attached to: Computer Failure Causes Gridlock In MD County
There are so few in america, or atleast here in connecticut, that they don't even TALK about them in driving schools, atleast not the one I went to. I live down the street from one (1mile away) and the number of assholes who don't know how to drive in them even though the entrance is clearly marked YIELD people still blow into them, and people in them still stop for those at the entrances. The number of times I've wanted to gun it instead of braking and just pushing the person in front of me over the 40ft steep drop on one side of the circle are too high to count.

Comment: Re:How is that sustainable? (Score 1) 453

by Hubbell (#29935533) Attached to: Chinese To Supply 600 MW Wind Farm In Texas
Unions served their purpose a long time ago, but now merely exist to grab as much money as they can without giving a shit about the consequences as well as to pay exorbinant amounts to those running them.

Yale has unionized cleaning staff, and while I worked in two different finished buildings there doing renovation work as a union carpenter, their staff would work for approximately 2 hours of their 8 hour day on a good day and spent the rest either sleeping or congregating where they knew a 'boss' wouldn't find them and just bullshitting for hours. It was the biggest joke I've ever seen.

My union has our local's president driving an expensive sports car, the union cutting benefits and pushing up the age for retirement to get your full pension, whilst we had over 1400 members out of work across the 3 locals in the state.

Unions for a long time now stopped being a good thing and are now just a money grabbing operation that exist to increase wages far higher than they SHOULD be, especially for people who don't deserve a job in the first place.

Comment: Re:You're actually right (Score 1) 875

by Hubbell (#29755501) Attached to: 1Mb Broadband Access Becomes Legal Right In Finland
My liberty ends where yours begins. Perfect freedom is to do whatever the fuck you want UNLESS you are directly causing harm to another or impinging upon their freedom, so your bullshit hypothetical about punching someone in the face is a straw man of the highest order. When will people stop making utterly asinine situations/analogies and just talk about facts?

[Crash programs] fail because they are based on the theory that, with nine women pregnant, you can get a baby a month. -- Wernher von Braun