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Putin has said he thinks the Internet is a CIA project. Though he's wrong (it's a DOD project), he's also a man who's all about that spy stuff. He probably sincerely believes it's in his countries best interest to suppress internet usage, perhaps replacing it with one of their own design.

Considering a Russian gang has stolen over 1 billion user names and password hashes from hundreds of thousands of websites, and considering all such problems of that kind that the world has with Russia hackers, I think the best outcome for the world would be for that country to lose internet access. Their people will suffer as a result, but the more people stand to benefit from their potential isolation.

It's possible that of all possible outcomes, this is the best one.

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by Howitzer86 (#47229607) Attached to: EU's Top Court May Define Obesity As a Disability

When I was going, we had variety, but it wasn't always healthy, but sometimes it was. I remember corn, lots and lots of corn. Corn cobs, corn corn, corn flakes (breakfast). Corn, corn, corn, corn, corn. And sometimes broccoli.

The pizza was gross, the spaghetti was mediocre, it was all together low quality, lowest bidder, prison food.

And then "a la carte" was invented, and we never ate healthy food again.

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by Howitzer86 (#46825029) Attached to: The US Public's Erratic Acceptance of Science

NPR had a feature a while back about Republicans who secretly believed in Global Warming, and one guy who represented a rural area, saw the damage that was happening because of climate change, saw the threat human caused climate change presented to his constituents, but said the wrong thing despite having his constituents best interests at heart. Essentially the backwater hicks would agree with him that the climate wasn't being kind to them, but they turned on him once he mentioned the trigger word.

Its not like these people are incapable of believing in anything that can't be concretely proven either. They believe in God. I know one guy who also believes aliens have visited the Earth and that the "Men in Black" are real. But this ability to believe in the far-fetched does not guarantee that they would adopt the very likely possibility that we're hurting our own planet with green-house gasses. And once they do believe it, I'm not sure they will care.

They know the damage strip mining can do, and they don't care. They fight regulation of it tooth and nail. They're coming around on fracking, but they're also not going to care. Their line of reasoning is "If you don't like the poisonous water or earth quakes, move. If you can't move, you must not be working hard enough - f_ck you." They deny-human caused Global Warming, but when they come around on it, they won't care. Caring about the planet is for liberals and communists - thus saith the Reagan Religion

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by Howitzer86 (#46324465) Attached to: Nokia Announces Nokia X Android Smartphone

Yeah, agreed. I'm very reluctant to do unnecessary things to my phone and computers too. In addition to an Ardruino, I have a second tower (my older system) around for doge-coin mining and other experiments.

The last "hack" I did to a mobile device was my old Nook Color, which I had bought specifically because it was a cheap way to get into the then-new tablet world. Android tablets were still kinda crappy back in 2010, as well as expensive. $250 was able to get me most of what made a decent Android tablet at the time. It could even handle a lot of the graphics heavy games available then, and I only missed a microphone and a GPS (bluetooth was enabled by Cyanogen Mod)

Since then, I've had less and less of a reason to bother. Regarding mobile, every company appears to pay close attention to the customer. Additionally, everything is more polished and cheaper than it used to be.

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by Howitzer86 (#46323723) Attached to: Nokia Announces Nokia X Android Smartphone

I was under the impression that this phone was a low cost offering for developing countries. Hackers DO like that kind of thing, but I doubt it was made with them in mind. I agree with your suggestion that it might have been the successor to the Maemo platform. If so, this was something in the works since before the buy-out plans by Microsoft, and that MS, rather than kill it all together, decided to let them get it out there in order for them to make a return on their investment, provided they at least make it look like the Windows Phone OS.

This will definitely be wanted by hackers though with Android drifting ever-away from AOSP, it's almost assured to be considered a dead-end phone.

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I wonder about the usefulness of a unit of measure that constantly changes. Perhaps we should also consider storing the Library of Congress inside of a temperature controlled, airless chamber. We could then store this unit in the Library of Congress for further refere-

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There also needs to be some clarification as to how powerful a pointer you need. A $2 Class 1 isn't going to do it. Naturally though if you want to alarm the public into accusing anyone who pointing a beam of light at something, you can't make exceptions like this. Its too complicated for us simple folk - the same way pot is too strong for us to handle without losing our minds and murdering our families.

One also might wonder what purpose the laser might serve. If its part of a range finder, maybe its someone testing their new hunting/construction gear. Granted, you're not going to do anything with that number, assuming you got one, but the idiot threshold for people trying it is lower than we think by virtue of a coherent/non-crazy reason for pointing a laser at something.

My range finder is a Class 2 laser. I would never point it at aircraft, though its capable of an impressive range of 230 feet. Only an idiot would point that at a helicopter, but they wouldn't need to be a total idiot, nor would they need to have malicious intent.

Comment: Re:So..... (Score 1) 445

I can imagine a worse scenario. Kids daring other kids to point dinky little Class 1 pointers at planes. The pilot won't see it, and even if he did, it wouldn't hurt him, let alone track him with a steady beam long enough to do so. The other kids can report it, and next thing you know you see a bunch of idiots prosecuted by other idiots for doing idiotic, but harmless things.

Meanwhile, the real threat has high powered lasers mounted on tripods with scopes, which they aren't afraid to use if the Black Helicopters fly over their property again.

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