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Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 577

If you're taking care of yourself and you're not disabled, you don't need a government check anyway and no one here is talking about you. We were talking about people who needed money but couldn't find a job. Someone pointed out there's going to be people who will never find work outside of the hypothetical government work program, and that these people are going to be unmanageable. My proposal was to put them through rehab to work out whatever it is that makes them impossible to deal with or impossible to employ.

I really doubt you'd qualify anywhere within the context of that discussion. I'm not saying independently wealthy software engineers should be shoveling dirt for the government, nor that they're insane and need to be reeducated. We can leave that kind of thing to Mao.

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 577

An otherwise healthy adult body, if proven unable to provide for him/herself, is probably dealing with mental issues outside of their control that prevents them from working. I don't judge those people, and we have a system in place for them already.

Maybe my language was too strong... though I do think people who chose to be dependent on others need to "get with the program", it's probably not a disease. And stay-at-home moms and dads aren't who I'm talking about - those people are awesome. I'm not talking about students either.

But if you're a grown man or woman below retirement age and just bumming it because you can, and not trying to do anything for yourself, you can probably be salvaged in an alternative to an otherwise wasteful no-strings government stipend. If we one day become a post-scarcity economy, it stops being an issue and I won't care. Until then, tax payers should get something for what they pay for. I think reform and rehab can have a seriously positive effect in this case. It can show you that not all jobs suck the life out of you, and that you can be comfortable in one, even if it's "lame".

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 577

I have that level of contempt for Anarchists. But for Libertarians... I just feel sorry for them. They're the stooges of the Neo-Liberal psychopath elite. They are literally no different beyond the belief that "It'll all work out in the end for everyone." The actual sociopaths running the show and funding their party do not have that belief and do not care beyond the fact that they still need to sell it to the people who'll be harmed by their policies.

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 577

That scenario is a figurative asylum to you, why not just put them in actual asylums after a certain period? If it's a sickness, education and work/responsibility conditioning could be a cure. Maybe model them after Job Corps and ROTC, but for adults of all ages with a special sub-program for ex-cons.

I originally was going to make this a snarky comment, but as I continued writing, I realized it wasn't a bad idea. Sure we wouldn't call them "asylums", but people who can't find jobs ever and/or don't want any? That's a sickness. We can and should try to fix that.

Comment Re: gwx_control_panel (Score 1) 581

Blender falls short in the encoding department. Unless you use a different tool with it, you're stuck with its ffmpeg library, which makes malformed videos that sort-of work but sometimes won't with stricter players like Quicktime. Premier uses Adobe Media Encoder. I'm stuck with CS4 at work but even it does a better job than even the latest copy of Blender.

Comment Re:Accusation through misunderstanding (Score 1) 223

It may be that "overunity" sucks energy out of some sort of sub-space field (intentionally borrowing from sci-fi, calm down) that we haven't yet discovered.

We'll do that, and find that the process speeds along the Heat Death of the Universe, and that suddenly half of our Senators find something new to deny.

On the upside, we'll finally be able to pass meaningful legislation on Climate Change.

Comment Re:Overlooking one small detail... (Score 1) 343

That's why we need to expand our surveillance programs. If we work with the tech industry, we can put cameras into more televisions, and spy on more cellular microphones, sell it as a feature, and eventually we'll find you. If we work with individuals, we can have on the ground reports of everyone's activities and investigate any suspicions our loyal Americans may have. Total awareness of everyone's intent at all times will result in total security and safety. America will no-longer just be the city on the hill, but an impregnable fortress!

Our history as a country where we over-react to something and regret it decades later must repeat itself if we are ever to become great again.

Comment Startup folder + batch file + taskkill (Score 1) 720

... which fools MS into thinking it's still nagging you as designed. It's in the startup directory (yes, Windows 8.1 still has one). I opted for this instead of uninstalling the update or changing registry values since it was the option no one else was doing. I'm not at home right now, but it's easy enough to figure out on your own.

Comment Re:the REAL reason for this might surprise you. (Score 3, Insightful) 146

You've listed: climate change, climate change, poverty, poverty, and poverty.

Some people care about things you may not care about. Not everyone's hyperbolic about western liberal talking points. Some people are more concerned about local issues, like the hundreds of artillery shells trained on their cities for the past half century by an extremely hostile enemy with nuclear weapons.

Comment Re:1/10th scale - full size only 500lbs? (Score 1) 95

"Flying cars" of this sort exist already, they just require a real pilot. The really interesting thing about the Terrafugia flying car is that it flies itself, so I imagine the challenge isn't so much the hardware as it is the software. If they can get that done right, "flying cars" could be made accessible to more people.

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