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Comment Re: gwx_control_panel (Score 1) 581

Blender falls short in the encoding department. Unless you use a different tool with it, you're stuck with its ffmpeg library, which makes malformed videos that sort-of work but sometimes won't with stricter players like Quicktime. Premier uses Adobe Media Encoder. I'm stuck with CS4 at work but even it does a better job than even the latest copy of Blender.

Comment Re:Accusation through misunderstanding (Score 1) 223

It may be that "overunity" sucks energy out of some sort of sub-space field (intentionally borrowing from sci-fi, calm down) that we haven't yet discovered.

We'll do that, and find that the process speeds along the Heat Death of the Universe, and that suddenly half of our Senators find something new to deny.

On the upside, we'll finally be able to pass meaningful legislation on Climate Change.

Comment Re:Overlooking one small detail... (Score 1) 343

That's why we need to expand our surveillance programs. If we work with the tech industry, we can put cameras into more televisions, and spy on more cellular microphones, sell it as a feature, and eventually we'll find you. If we work with individuals, we can have on the ground reports of everyone's activities and investigate any suspicions our loyal Americans may have. Total awareness of everyone's intent at all times will result in total security and safety. America will no-longer just be the city on the hill, but an impregnable fortress!

Our history as a country where we over-react to something and regret it decades later must repeat itself if we are ever to become great again.

Comment Startup folder + batch file + taskkill (Score 1) 720

... which fools MS into thinking it's still nagging you as designed. It's in the startup directory (yes, Windows 8.1 still has one). I opted for this instead of uninstalling the update or changing registry values since it was the option no one else was doing. I'm not at home right now, but it's easy enough to figure out on your own.

Comment Re:the REAL reason for this might surprise you. (Score 3, Insightful) 146

You've listed: climate change, climate change, poverty, poverty, and poverty.

Some people care about things you may not care about. Not everyone's hyperbolic about western liberal talking points. Some people are more concerned about local issues, like the hundreds of artillery shells trained on their cities for the past half century by an extremely hostile enemy with nuclear weapons.

Comment Re:1/10th scale - full size only 500lbs? (Score 1) 95

"Flying cars" of this sort exist already, they just require a real pilot. The really interesting thing about the Terrafugia flying car is that it flies itself, so I imagine the challenge isn't so much the hardware as it is the software. If they can get that done right, "flying cars" could be made accessible to more people.

Comment Re:more guns needed (Score 2) 1134

You joke, but if you parse it out mentally and actually play that scenario out - everyone open carrying would dramatically reduce the chance of mass gun violence much in the same way that nuclear weapons have reduced the chance of nuclear war.

What terrorist would want to shoot up an arena where everyone is armed? It sounds crazy and invokes images of Borderlands 1 & 2, but hell... that's got to be more effective than penning laws that only affect the people who willingly follow them.

Or it could be a confusing blood bath like what happened at that Twin Peaks between the two rival biker gangs. But hey, we're f*cked up right now, we might as well try something before deciding to become a police state and confiscating property.

Comment Re: First, AGW came for the Marshall Islands... (Score 1) 276

I don't have any graphs plotted by lone-wolf indie climatologists to show you, but if I did, I'd have to prove to you that they weren't funded under the table by our evil government or maybe just misguided. Maybe I'll get lucky one day though. I guess this will have to do:

CO2 levels are rising and it's our fault.
CO2 traps heat.
The planet is accumulating heat, especially in the oceans.
This causes bleaching in our dying coral reefs, hurting the ecosystem.
Hot oceans means bigger storms (in opposition to climate skeptic Dr. Matt Briggs claim tonight on Michael Savage).
Strong storms and rising seas erode islands and continental coasts.
Immigrants from these areas are an increasing issue because of that erosion and additional sea level rise(this article).

I believe that for you, this isn't about science, but about ideology. Savage for instance is calling us all Lysenkoists (I'm listening to it now), which is the biggest, most direct psychological projection I've heard yet out of the mouth of a so-called "conservative". I think people like him are more like communists they realize.

My first introduction to this concept was in the early 1990s, as a child when I first read Cosmos by Carl Sagan. He explained why Venus was the way it was, how its hotter than Mercury despite being further from the sun, and how we are at risk to succumbing to something similar because of our carbon output. The book was published in 1980. I'd learn this again later in elementary school.

Exxon knew about the subject and did their own research confirming it in 1981. This research factored into their decision making.

Meanwhile, a caller to Savage's show explains how these cycles are normal and that the ice caps melted and caused the Biblical flood... suppose we should just let it happen then. GOD WILLS IT!

Your folks would get more respect if they were consistent, but commitment to the concept of no climate change seems to be waning. I just think the point is that your side wants us confused and divided over it long enough for the people you (knowingly or unknowingly) work for to get away with pollution as long as possible. I enjoy watching the slippage over time, but it is irritating to know the only thing in the way of meaningful action is a bunch of impressionable folks duped into the doing dirty work for a doomed industry.

Comment Re: First, AGW came for the Marshall Islands... (Score 1) 276

Of course I don't expect you to believe me. That might require you to suffer an existential crisis by this point. I've read your comment history, it's all you talk about.

As for evidence, it's extensive enough that we have the military, food and drug production companies, insurance companies, and oil companies (who were among the first to realize it) all making plans for a warmer, more hostile world and broken ecosystem. Suggesting that all of this is just part of a conspiracy by climate snake oil salesmen is the greater claim with the least support.

Comment Re:First, AGW came for the Marshall Islands... (Score 2) 276

"If you know what's good for you, if you know that they're leftists, you won't believe anything they say any time, anywhere, about anything ... So we have no the Four Corners of Deceit, and the two universes in which we live. The Universe of Lies, the Universe of Reality, and the Four Corners of Deceit: Government, academia, science, and media. Those institutions are now corrupt and exist by virtue of deceit." - Rush Limbaugh

The program must be pretty simple:

  • If it's said by someone belonging to the party you disagree with politically, it is a lie.
  • If it's said by someone belonging to the party you agree with, it is the truth.
  • If it's from an organization composed mostly of people who vote for the opposition party, it is a conspiracy.
  • If it's from an organization composed mostly of people who vote for your party, it is gospel.

If the Republican Party agreed with the scientific community from the outset... or if most climate scientists were Republican to begin with, you'd believe in global warming. Though with the new questions of conservative purity going around, I'm not sure how long the scientists in this example could be considered true Republicans...

It brings to mind the terms revolutionary and counterevolutionary... from within a Communist country. Of course, you'll never agree with a counterrevolutionary, they always lie.

What I'd like to know, is how people get sucked into that mode of thinking to begin with, because by those rules everyone inside of it had to have an open mind at one point before deciding to close it, and once inside, since you trust them emphatically, they outline the necessary coding to keep you in.

Maybe it's fear, uncertainty, doubt... tools used by cultists like The Peoples Temple (origin of the Koolaid phrase). And what does that koolaid do? It kills them. It seals their fate, just as ignoring global warming science seals ours. At least in a cult the damage stays within the compound.

"Don't look out the window at the hurricane approaching. Work to prevent anyone else from sheltering from it. We're all safe so long as you do exactly what I tell you and listen to no one else."

Even if we act and do all we can to hold back global warming trends, it'll continue for some time before it gets better. What we're trying to avoid is a mass extinction event. Warming's already happening. Only the willfully ignorant have trouble seeing that.

So who's drinking what? Who's the suicide cult here?

Comment Re:Is Windows10 a thing? (Score 1) 195

There are wasted hours on occasion yes, but the trick is to not fix your relative's (often shitty) computers. I make it a point not to, and my parents are pretty good with their own machines these days anyway.

My poor aunt though, she can never remember her password. She's always asking for help recovering it. So I finally told her, "I don't have the magic solution to that, but I can tell you what I did to figure it out the last time it happened." There's a tool you can use for Windows XP that'll reset passwords, but I don't think it works on newer systems so I'd start at square one. If I'm to start from Google, why can't she?

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