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Comment Re:revolutionary technology (Score 1) 172

Direct human-markability isn't necessary IMO. Let the human make selections on a touch screen. Let the computer print out a ballot with both human readable text and a machine readable barcode (QR code perhaps; that would allow many smart phones to check a ballot.) Scan the barcodes as the ballots enter the ballot box. In the event of a recount the election officials would read the human readable text and that would be the official count.

The computer doesn't need to be anything special; a machine from Best Buy (costing a few hundred bucks) would be sufficient (overkill, really) for the display needs. A printer for a cash register probably would be sufficient to write the ballots. An iPhone or Android phone and a simple wooden box could serve for the logging system and the ballot box in a pinch.

Comment Re:flight data vs. eyewitness (Score 1) 620

That really depends. In this case the argument likely hinges on whether a reasonable person would feel threatened.

It's comin' right for us!?

If the defendant as well as eye witnesses all say they observed the drone under the tree line, then it likely means at least from the perspective of someone on the ground it looked like it was below the tree line. I'm honestly not sure what makes the tree line special, or why under kentucky law you have a right to shoot down a remote piloted aircraft over your property. I've flown very close to the ground over private property in a powered parachute. FAA regulations allow that.

So if I'm flying my own model helicopter on my property and using a camera on that helicopter to inspect the roof of my home (to identify if a storm damaged any of the shingles rather than climbing up myself, for example), never pointing the camera anywhere but towards my own property, any of my neighbors should be allowed to shoot towards my home to try to take down my helicopter that they _suspect_ is spying on them from my property, using the same rationale as Jimbo from South Park? That seems to be one of the implications of this ruling, but I'm going to have to say I disagree. If you were firing a paintball gun, _maybe_, since that's not supposed to be a lethal weapon (though nonlethal weapons can be lethal under certain circumstances.)

Comment Re:memory loss defence? (Score 1) 602

"We need you to help us fix X as per your severance clause."

"In order to help you fix X, I would need access to server/database Y. Will you grant that access?"


"Then there's nothing I can do to help you."

"We'll sue."

"You'll lose. I told you what I would need to help you, you refused to provide it. Requiring me to fix X without access to Y would be unreasonable."

Comment Re:Correct. Including the US government. (Score 2) 110

If you're an American (or frankly, any innocent person) anywhere in the world who isn't an active member of a foreign terrorist organization or an agent of a foreign power, the Intelligence Community DOES NOT CARE ABOUT and actually DOES NOT WANT your data.

Really? I'm a bit surprised that NSA employees are allowed to enter into relationships and/or marriages with active members of foreign terrorist organizations or agents of a foreign power. [The article says that one incident has occurred per year -- a more accurate statement would probably be that one incident has _been detected_ each year.] And with what foreign terrorist organization or foreign power was Albert Einstein associated?

Comment Re:I'm with Jeff Atwood on this (Score 1) 217

There should be some sort of "life skills" class that incorporates part of home economics and other skills. Some of the skills covered by that class should involve computers (basic computer security, a la "don't give your password to anyone") but financial matters, basic cooking and sewing, how to write a formal letter/email, how to change a flat tire, things like that should IMO also be covered.

In fact, don't just offer one such class at or near the end of the students' education. Teach appropriate life skills at appropriate times throughout their career. "Don't give out your password", "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is", and how to do laundry would be appropriate for younger kids (when I was still using a laundromat because I didn't have a washer/dryer in my home, I saw people come in confused about how to use the machines, like where to put the money!) while keeping a budget, creating a resume, and changing a tire would be appropriate for older students.

Comment Re:Insurance Companies Are going to Go Batshit (Score 1) 203

They get to charge you 100% of the time for insurance and they'll only have to pay out in the small percentage of times that you have an accident after you take manual control over your vehicle. It's the politician plan: do nothing (or very little) and get paid. Sounds a bit like robbery to me.

Comment Re:Your Friend's Job (Score 2) 203

As long as you have a non-self-driving car, you're probably going to want or be required by law to have insurance.

As long as your self-driving car has a manual override and the car company's insurance guarantee won't cover incidents when that override is engaged, you're probably going to want or be required by law to have insurance.

Eventually, will there be no need for automotive claims adjusters? Perhaps. How long will it be before "eventually" occurs? A long time IMO.

Comment Re:Stupid people are stupid (Score 1) 956

None of the articles I've read on this say that the school or the police officers involved called the bomb squad. Wouldn't the experts in identifying and defusing explosive devices be the FIRST people you call when you think you have an explosive device? But that would run the risk of the bomb squad looking at the device and saying "Guys, this is just a clock. There's no sign of any explosive material. Relax." That wouldn't let you show your authoritah a la Cartman.

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