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Comment Re:Correct. Including the US government. (Score 2) 108

If you're an American (or frankly, any innocent person) anywhere in the world who isn't an active member of a foreign terrorist organization or an agent of a foreign power, the Intelligence Community DOES NOT CARE ABOUT and actually DOES NOT WANT your data.

Really? I'm a bit surprised that NSA employees are allowed to enter into relationships and/or marriages with active members of foreign terrorist organizations or agents of a foreign power. [The article says that one incident has occurred per year -- a more accurate statement would probably be that one incident has _been detected_ each year.] And with what foreign terrorist organization or foreign power was Albert Einstein associated?

Comment Re:I'm with Jeff Atwood on this (Score 1) 216

There should be some sort of "life skills" class that incorporates part of home economics and other skills. Some of the skills covered by that class should involve computers (basic computer security, a la "don't give your password to anyone") but financial matters, basic cooking and sewing, how to write a formal letter/email, how to change a flat tire, things like that should IMO also be covered.

In fact, don't just offer one such class at or near the end of the students' education. Teach appropriate life skills at appropriate times throughout their career. "Don't give out your password", "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is", and how to do laundry would be appropriate for younger kids (when I was still using a laundromat because I didn't have a washer/dryer in my home, I saw people come in confused about how to use the machines, like where to put the money!) while keeping a budget, creating a resume, and changing a tire would be appropriate for older students.

Comment Re:Insurance Companies Are going to Go Batshit (Score 1) 203

They get to charge you 100% of the time for insurance and they'll only have to pay out in the small percentage of times that you have an accident after you take manual control over your vehicle. It's the politician plan: do nothing (or very little) and get paid. Sounds a bit like robbery to me.

Comment Re:Your Friend's Job (Score 2) 203

As long as you have a non-self-driving car, you're probably going to want or be required by law to have insurance.

As long as your self-driving car has a manual override and the car company's insurance guarantee won't cover incidents when that override is engaged, you're probably going to want or be required by law to have insurance.

Eventually, will there be no need for automotive claims adjusters? Perhaps. How long will it be before "eventually" occurs? A long time IMO.

Comment Re:Stupid people are stupid (Score 1) 956

None of the articles I've read on this say that the school or the police officers involved called the bomb squad. Wouldn't the experts in identifying and defusing explosive devices be the FIRST people you call when you think you have an explosive device? But that would run the risk of the bomb squad looking at the device and saying "Guys, this is just a clock. There's no sign of any explosive material. Relax." That wouldn't let you show your authoritah a la Cartman.

Comment Mirrored drones = deadly disco balls? (Score 1) 125

If it takes this laser 2 seconds to drill through a tough drone body, how long would it take this laser to cause serious injuries to a human being if the drone were protected by mirrors (say mirrors camouflaged by a thin film that the laser can destroy instantly) that reflect the beam downward towards a crowd on the ground?

Comment Re:Freedom does not mean no laws (Score 1) 264

Then freedom is not possible to ever happen. Some peopel want to do things to others, and consider it a restriction of their freedoms to do those things to others.

Two heterosexual men, one an engineer and one a mathematician are standing at the end of a hallway. At the other end is a beautiful naked woman. The two men are told that they may walk halfway down the hallway, then halfway down the remaining hallway, then halfway down the remaining hallway, etc. If they reach the woman they can have sex with her. The mathematician immediately realizes this is Zeno's paradox and sits down. The engineer starts walking. When the mathematician asks "Why are you walking? You can never reach her!" the engineer replies "No, but I can get close enough!"

Let's aim to get close enough to freedom.

Comment Re:all voting should be paper and pencil (Score 1) 393

I don't have a problem with electronic voting, when it's done right. Use the computer to create a ballot that's uniform in appearance (no "hanging chads", no half-filled circles for a Scantron machine to puzzle over, etc.) and has the voting information stored in both human and machine readable form. Let the computer count its machine readable votes for the initial vote count. If there's a discrepancy, recount the human readable votes (and let that take precedence over the machine readable votes, if the two forms differ.)

Comment Re:Meet the new guy (Score 1) 393

So what's your solution, government issued photo IDs? Sounds good, but IMO the system for obtaining such a photo ID should be:
* fast -- no standing or sitting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles (or Registry of Motor Vehicles, here in Massachusetts) for an hour or two.
* inexpensive -- in Massachusetts, it's $25 for an ID. At the minimum wage of $7.25 that's nearly 3 and a half hours of work. I don't know what the cost of an ID is in other states. Does a plastic card really cost $25 to produce? Even with the effort to process the application, that seems like there's some padding on the price.
* convenient -- if the DMV or RMV office is only open 9-5 weekdays, someone who works one or two jobs may be working all 40 of those hours. Ideally, there should be some time outside "normal business hours" when the DMV/RMV office is open to accommodate those workers, or someplace else (town or city hall, the police office) that is open longer hours (or on weekends) where people can apply for their ID. Alternately, if the DMV/RMV offered the ability to obtain the ID right at the polling location, using the same staff members who would process the applications at the office, that would work too.

Comment Re:Settle (Score 1) 222

No, CNN and CBC are going to drag this out until the guy has to either drop the suit or move into a cardboard box and use the money from selling his house to continue the suit. In the latter case, when they continue dragging this out until he has to sell the box and move under a bridge, they'll drag it out even further. It's like the story of you, your friend, and the bear (you don't have to outrun the bear ....) The broadcasters don't need to last until a judgment is made; they just need to last until he is too broke to go any further.

Comment Re:It's the base assumption that its invalid (Score 1) 392

Parallel construction. It's a lot easier to find your way from point A to your destination when you know your destination is point B (due to cheating and taking a look at a map.) Can I prove that you cheated and looked at a map, and not that you were just lucky and/or good at navigating? If I never knew the map existed, probably not.

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