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Comment Pay By Day subscription (Score 1) 520

I am a busy gamer and don't get a lot of time to play games. I am ok with the upfront cost but I can't justify subscriptions that don't get used.

For WOW and other future subscription games: Have you considered an alternate subscription model that might allow for a "pay by day"? For example If I log in I get charged $2 up to a monthly max of $20 (someting greater than 15 to make the flat rate subscription appealing). I would be happy paying somewhere between $2 and $20 on my terms to experience WoW, but the flat rate made me quit.

PS: I am a stock holder too...make me some money! go go go!

Comment Re:Just do it! (Score 1) 438

A rolling blackout would have gotten the message across better than the commercials. My solution: Starting 7 weeks before Feb 17th I would have blacked out analog channels each night of the week (ie Week 1 = Sunday, Week 2 = Monday), During that dead air on the analog stations broadcast nothing but instructions on all analog channels (DTV is normal shows). If your TV is broke then you know right away and you will seek a solution on your own.

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