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Comment: Re:Darrell Issa, the chair of the committee (Score 1) 435

by HoppQ (#39503483) Attached to: Congress Capitulates To TSA; Refuses To Let Bruce Schneier Testify

Actually, the hearing was about religious freedom, and the woman was denied because anyone who testifies at those things has to be scheduled either 3 or 4 days in advance. The Democrats on the committee had originally scheduled a man to speak, then tried to substitute Sandra Fluke at the last minute. Had they followed the rules and given sufficient notice, she would have been allowed to speak.

If you read my link, Darrell Issa had no problem adding last-minute witnesses favorable to his position. And the hearing certainly involved women's rights very prominently (perhaps even more prominently than it involved religious freedom) so the addition would have made sense.

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by HoppQ (#34214498) Attached to: <em>Gran Turismo 5</em> To Be Released November 24th

Actually, there is: the PS3 turns on HDCP as soon as you start playing a game. If you're using composite/component it won't use it, but if you're using HDMI, you must have an HDCP-equipped display.

Note that if you hook up the PS3 and get nothing, you're doing something wrong, since HDCP isn't required just to look at the XMB. It's only required for playing games, if you're using HDMI.

Wrong. PS3s HDMI connection always requires HDCP, in games, DVDs, Blu-rays, XMB, you name it.

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by HoppQ (#33627378) Attached to: Developers Fork Mandriva Linux, Creating Mageia

Interesting, I took Mageia as a back-reference to the magician theme that Mandrake used. Mageia, then, would be (freely adapted) the arts & skills of the Magus.

Sorry it didn't mean anything to you.

The problem, though, isn't when it doesn't mean anything, as much as when it means something you really don't want it to mean, the the Chevy Nova in Spanish speaking countries.

    (No va == "Doesn't go")

Also, the failure of the therapist profession in English speaking countries.

Comment: Re:A republican in favor of free speech ? (Score 1) 467

by HoppQ (#32984340) Attached to: US Senate Passes 'Libel Tourism' Bill

Your freedom of opinion does not INCLUDE the freedom to think I or anybody else is less than you.

Yes. Yes, it does.

Indeed, thinking someone as inferior is allowed, regardless of reason (whether it's skin color, education, criminal record...). Treating someone as inferior without proper cause is not (you're allowed to hire someone rather than other based on the education they have or have not, but not based on their skin color).

There is also the other issue with racists. While racists will fully acknowledge that they have a right to their racist opinions, some of them have trouble understanding that the public's condemnation of their racist opinion is equally allowed. Somehow they think that calling a racist racist is somehow less protected by law.

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by HoppQ (#32983222) Attached to: <em>Onion</em> Story Gets Blown Out of Proportion

OK, it's just intellectually dishonest of you to use the results of that poll once it was shown that the numbers were made up. It's one thing if you want to push your Democratic agenda, but you better be using real data if you don't want to be compared to the scum of the earth. And by the scum of the earth, of course, I mean......marketers.

Seriously, that just made you look really bad. Learn to find good information.

Well, here's some good information showing that Republicans are nuts.

Comment: Re:Suckaz (Score 1) 641

by HoppQ (#32983174) Attached to: <em>Onion</em> Story Gets Blown Out of Proportion

And as pointed out below the 'polling' company who put forward those results has been caught cooking the books. They were so bad even most liberal sites have been trying to disassociate themselves from their findings.

Using Reasearch2000 as an accurate polling source is akin to using Tiger Woods as a source for marriage advice.

Yes, Research 2000 did cook the books. In fact, the right wing is even more lunatic than the R2K cooked results showed. There were other polls. Search around.

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by HoppQ (#31990686) Attached to: Police Seize Computers From Gizmodo Editor

1. go to Apple campus and lose my wiped-out phone there?

2. Apple campus janitor puts it in their lost&found, notifies the police (or just sends it to the police's lost&found)
3. If nobody collects (within whatever time lost&found store things, a couple weeks?), the janitor/Apple campus/police are one phone richer.
4. Profit!

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