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Comment Re:Department of Homeland Security (Score 1) 223

Seems much more likely that this would be used by CBP and the Coast Guard (both DHS).

Might take a decent amount of horsepower to constantly search a database for every tracked vessel and run an analysis on each to determine when they do something that is out of the ordinary, then compare those results to patterns that predict some form of unwanted behavior (trafficking, illegal fishing, hijacking, lost at sea, etc.)

Comment Re:How Much? (Score 1) 389

Are you kidding? Walk into just about any new car dealership in the country and they will take your trade-in and pay off your loan. Any balance over the trade-in value of your car gets rolled into the new loan.

A smart financial move for the customer? Only if your new loan is considerably cheaper (percentage wise) than your old one, but people do this hundreds (maybe thousands) of times a day, every damn day.

Comment Re:Why isn't this illegal again? (Score 1) 614

> Ask yourself why the US has not flooded the market with foreign physicians?

Obviously I don't know where you live, but in my neck of the woods (in the US) the overwhelming majority of our MDs come from India. And I don't mean their parents immigrated here and raised children that were motivated and determined enough to become doctors, I mean born, raised, and educated in India. Got their medical degrees in India. Then they move here and set up practice.

My primary care physician is Indian, my dermatologist (and her husband, also a dermatologist) are Indian, my allergist is Indian, and my gastroenterologist is Indian. I haven't been to a non-Indian doctor for 11 years.

Obviously I believe they are capable, otherwise I would intentionally seek out non-Indian doctors, and I have no idea if they have had any impact on what a doctor is paid locally, just pointing out that being "organized" appears to have had no affect on the ability to bring in foreign doctors.

Comment Re:If it sounds too good to be true (Score 2) 243

I feel like the best application, if this works as promised, is to raise NIMH cells from 1.2v to 1.5v. Sure, they work just fine in most applications, but for some they are borderline or don't work at all. I'm thinking specifically of my camera that will only work with Alkaline or NiCad.

Comment Re:RAND PAUL REVOLUTION (Score 1) 500

Congress critters already spend the majority of their time and attention on gathering funds and planning for their after-government service life.

Putting in a reasonable limit (I would say 3 terms) would allow them enough time to keep the status quo financially; meaning those inclined to do so will get rich from back room dealings and insider trading, as well as moving into lobbying positions post term.

However, what it will do is break up the dynasties. It will rotate the people at the heads of the various committees so that you don't get people who are too powerful to cross. It would also encourage a more open platform, as not everyone can campaign on the same issues.

And for the non-corrupt, the good guys, 3 terms gives them enough time to accomplish whatever it is they were going to accomplish, or to figure out that they will never get it done.

Comment Re:RAND PAUL REVOLUTION (Score 1) 500

The main problem with the basic income is that it pretends that tax payers are completely rational. Even if you lay out the argument in plain terms that explains how giving someone else $10 will in the end save them $1 from what they are spending now, they will balk at the idea.

If you institute basic income, a very good portion of the wealthy in this country, the people with true mobility, will either move their income out of the country or find more reasons to avoid contributing.

And the ever shrinking middle class cannot afford to pay for everything.

Comment Re:The new definition of Diplomacy (Score 1) 164

I enjoyed your well reasoned and thorough argument, which I imagine was delivered in an even and temperate tone, with it's occasional turrets style invectives. I want to believe you use the same style when talking with your spouse, attending formal functions, at work, and at the PTA.

Comment Re:If we're all going to take Adderall... (Score 1) 407

Vacations are mandatory, 30 days per year (6 weeks in US terms) +1 extra day for Christmas.

I see the argument for paid days off, but it never seems to be an apples to apples comparison. I would like to know how my shitty American job really stacks up against, say the typical German job that has these built in minimums.

How many sick days do you get? How many paid holidays (vs personal days).

Officially, I only get 20 days of leave a year (26 after I have been there another couple of years). So that's 4 weeks. But I also get 10 paid federal holidays, so technically that's 6 weeks. But I also get 13 days of paid sick leave per year that can be taken pretty liberally (like if I know I will have a hangover the Monday after the super bowl, I can schedule that sick day in advance).

So how does that stack up, does my 6 weeks equal your six weeks? Or do I actually have 8.5 weeks if you count the sick. In two years I will my 10 weeks of leave be a good number?

Comment Re:No more ports! (Score 1) 450

Isn't this something that the higher frequency standards (like 50Ghz wireless) are supposed to help with?

The signal doesn't propagate very far, probably even through cube walls. The channels are tiny, so you could fit a ton of devices next to each other. And the speed is ridiculous, so you could dedicate a huge margin to redundancy and error correction without producing much latency.

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