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Journal Journal: Stupidity

It's stupid that you can't post and moderate in the same story. I can see not being allowed to moderate your own posts, or the same thread as you've posted in, but not being able to moderate ANYTHING withing that story!?
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Journal Journal: Karma back up!

Yay! A few good, insightful (well, minus the dumb posts I posted as "anonymous coward) posts later, my karma is back up at positive! w00t!

I am also amazed that someone actually read AND replied to a post I made here in my journal. And at that, someone I don't even know. I thought I was just posting in here for myself... wow.... The world seems so much...bigger...or something...

Ok, thats it. This journal entry sucks. I'm modding it down -6 (gay waste of time)
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Journal Journal: WTF? 1

WTF? I make 1 bad comment which is modded down as "troll" and my karma goes from positive to bad! WTF? I don't even think my comment was that bad! Offtopic maybe, but not "troll"!

Heres the comment in question:

I'll bet that if I just didn't stick the "HAHAHAHA" in there, then it wouldn't have gotten modded down. How ghey.
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Journal Journal: Gmail

WooHoo! I got a gmail invite! So now, if any of you want to send me any spam, please, by all means send it to so it can be cached and saved forever!
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Journal Journal: Friends...

Uhm... how do I add/remove people from my friends list? Please email me if you know, cause I can't figure it out. (Sad, isn't it?)

Edit: Ahh... thanks FAQ! I figured it out!

"You need tender loving care once a week - so that I can slap you into shape." - Ellyn Mustard