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Comment Re:JJ has a chance, maybe (Score 1) 422

Did you even watch the latest StarTrek? JJ is a *HORRIBLE* director, mainly for his overuse of lens flare, excessively bright lights, and shaky-cam. JJ was a terrible choice for StarWars and I hold out no hope for the new movies as long as he is in charge.

On another note, Lucas isn't actually that bad of writer - the original 3 he wrote and they worked out, mainly because others directed them and were able to tell him "no". As long as he is reigned in, he is good. (Especially with story concepts.)

Comment Wouldn't actually prevent 1:N copying. (Score 1) 163

While this is a nifty "copyright" idea that I'm sure producers will jump all over, it doesn't actually enforce 1:1 copies or prevent 1:n copies. At the most basic level, I can setup 2x 3D printers side by side and link them to the same servo controller, giving me a 1:2 copy every time and bypassing any encryption or other form of DRM. I could also probably put a recorder on the servo controller output and play it back later, again bypassing encryption or DRM.

In theory I could then take the 2nd copy and put it in the "scanner" and repeat infinitely. (Although I'm sure the resolution would degrade rather quickly in practice)

It is going to be *EXTREMELY* difficult (I would venture to say impossible) to come up with an effective DRM for 3D printing, especially in the near future.

Comment Re:not trolling, really. well, maybe a little.. (Score 2) 355

I'm going to go with this part:


It can be the front of a plane or something else that looks like the front of a plane.

The rest of the parts in that set seem pretty useful though:


Is your imagination broken dude? I could use that part for *TONS* of different models! Granted, it's gonna be a cockpit, but it doesn't have to be an airplane cockpit... It could be used on a racecar, submarine, spaceship, crane, whatever! (I think I would use it on a monorail - that would be fun!) You could also face it backwards or sideways for a very unique model! It could probably also prove useful somehow in a GBC module. (http://www.greatballcontraption.com/)

Yes, there are many specialized parts nowadays, but the trick is finding new and fun ways to use it.

Comment Re:um... (Score 2, Insightful) 269

Mod parent up!

As an armchair pilot, and aviation enthusiast, I've seen some "pilots" do some stupid stuff! Listening to ATC and hearing private pilots who barely know how to tune their radio is a little scary. While I'm sure GP is a great pilot, and lots of pilots are great pilots, the entry level for a private pilots license is fairly low. (If it weren't so expensive, I would have my license already - that's a *really* scary thought that someone would trust me with an airplane!)

Comment Re:How is the no fly list legal? (Score 1) 286

Can someone explain how the government can impose penalties on a person without providing the evidence against them? Is the entire premise that you can't show standing because you can't know you're on the list? It seems we have a shitload of that going on right now, whereas we shouldn't have any.

Yes I can explain it; The government has bigger guns and more jail space than you do, and if you don't like it they will put you in jail. If you resist they will shoot you. (Hey, at least they give you the option of going to jail - some governments will start with shooting you!)

Comment Re:Hack it to add American names like "John Smith" (Score 1) 286

No-fly lists simply shouldn't exist, regardless of whether or not they can work. The idea that you can be considered too dangerous (Without a trial!) to fly and yet not dangerous enough to arrest is absurd. As others have said, this is just used for oppression.

I disagree - I think No-fly lists *can* be useful, but only in extremely limited and regulated environments. It should be a revokable right, but you should know when it gets revoked, why it got revoked, and there should be a clear appeals process where you go before a jury of your peers.

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