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Comment: Icons are also visual tags for faster orientation (Score 1) 256

by HigH5 (#30865402) Attached to: For GUIs, Just the Right Degree of Realism
I noticed that I take half a second to a second more to find the now iconless menus in Ubuntu 9.10. It looks like icons can become a visual markers to not actually look at them and decipher their meaning but just to memorize the general outlook of them, like when you read, you read the whole words, not just letter by letter.

Comment: Re:I wouldn't want a HTML5 only Web now (Score 1) 265

by HigH5 (#30853872) Attached to: YouTube Offers Experimental Opt-In HTML5 Video

BTW; if you are concerned about Flash CPU usage, use 10.1 beta which has GPU decoding under Windows. I have seen it using almost nothing while playing 1080P video over youtube.

Wow, that's really sensible, throwing hardware solutions against software that acts like cancer in the web ecosystem since its inception.

Comment: The '10s called... (Score 1) 322

by HigH5 (#30721130) Attached to: Tech Tools Fostering "Mini Generation Gaps"
... and they wan't their focus back. I can multitask e-mail, phone/SMS, 3 IM chats at a time while watching TV and at the end of the day I can't really remember is a blur (I born in the '80s). I'm trying to scale back on all this distractions by having a call whitelist on my cell phone which is also muted most of the time (SMS is actually better for managing distraction), my e-mail client checks for e-mail every hour or two (or I just leave it closed and open it once or twice a day).

A "multi" prefix doesn't necessarily make tasking better. It's mostly hype if you ask me.

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