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Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (Score 1) 195

I wanted to re-install Windows 7, what a mistake... first the update takes a core at 100% and just scanning for updates takes about 20h. There is 203 updates, it is a mess, there is updates for IE9, IE10, IE11 and multiples security updates for all browsers including IE8, then multiple .NET updates and others. Half of them fail to install, some rollback, after an update and a reboot it can find new updates, etc. All in all it takes a few days to install Win7.

So I took the MS tool, downloaded the 1511 ISO, wipe the partition and intalled a fresh Win10, after the install there was 3 updates, that's it, no bloatware, no forever to d/l and install update. In 20 minutes I was running and up-to-date.
I guess they have their reason to remove the 1511 ISO, certainly because you could install a fresh Win10 with a Win7 or Win8 key.

And do not worry /., I dual boot Mint 17.2 but need Windows for some programs like GPS update for instance.

Comment Re:Goldman was right, with a caveat (Score 1) 259

We have this problem in Montreal... Montreal is losing about 20'000 people per year, everyone is going in the suburbs, problem is that Montreal is an island and the bridges are packed every morning and every evening... What was a 20 minutes commute 10 years ago is now almost an hour. And bridges are old and are falling... Taking the train/metro/bus would take me between 1h15 and 1h30 which is worst.

Comment Re:misses the point entirely. (Score 1) 174

True, my SO has a $179 Moto G2 and I have a $199 Asus Zenfone2, both bought unlocked, add a cheap 32GB SD card for music/movies and we are in business.
I'm sure we can keep them easily for 2 or 3 years.
The G2 runs a clean version of Android, the Zenfone2 has some bloat that can easily be disabled, and ZenUI is surprisingly fast and good.
No way I will spend $700 on a phone!

Comment T-Fal Actifry (Score 1) 345

My $300 "Family Actifry" was not working anymore, I had to disassemble it, about easy for a tinkerer, but damn to change the 15A fuse you have to disassemble everything because it is on the LCD control panel!
I routed a fuse holder on the side so if it happens again it will take a few seconds to change :) Problem looked like a cold solder that heated too much...

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