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Comment Re:misses the point entirely. (Score 1) 174

True, my SO has a $179 Moto G2 and I have a $199 Asus Zenfone2, both bought unlocked, add a cheap 32GB SD card for music/movies and we are in business.
I'm sure we can keep them easily for 2 or 3 years.
The G2 runs a clean version of Android, the Zenfone2 has some bloat that can easily be disabled, and ZenUI is surprisingly fast and good.
No way I will spend $700 on a phone!

Comment T-Fal Actifry (Score 1) 345

My $300 "Family Actifry" was not working anymore, I had to disassemble it, about easy for a tinkerer, but damn to change the 15A fuse you have to disassemble everything because it is on the LCD control panel!
I routed a fuse holder on the side so if it happens again it will take a few seconds to change :) Problem looked like a cold solder that heated too much...

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