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Comment: Same Issue (Score 2) 388

by HiChris! (#45929415) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What To Do With Misdirected Email?
I usually do the courteous thing and reply to the sender - there have been 3 that I have gotten off an on for a few years. I usually reply and copy the likely intended recipient if I can figure it out. One time the sender replied back (to both of us) and was rather snippy saying it wasn't her fault. I found the info on a facebook page that she said used, turned out she was wrong - so I pointed it out kindly along with a link back and wished them luck at the event they were planning. The intended recipient was so thankful that she sent me a $10 starbucks e-gift card. So do good and you might occasionally get rewarded.

Comment: Poorly written news article - link to Abstract (Score 1) 177

by HiChris! (#33177068) Attached to: Researchers Pinpoint Cause of Gluten Allergies
The linked to article had little useful info - it didn't even mention who the authors of the paper were or the title of the paper. I had to do some digging around and found it Here's a link to the abstract: The basics are that they isolated 3 peptide fragments that have a very high immuno response - and two were from unexpected proteins

Comment: Re:Footed? (Score 1) 318

by HiChris! (#33122652) Attached to: Prankster Jailbreaks Apple Store Display iPhone

A prankster has snuck into his local Apple temple of consumerism and footed with one of the display models.

Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

I thought that was weird to... the original site says footled so they probably meant fooled - though footled is a word, but doesn't mean anything that makes sense. Of course my l33t speak is a bit rusty.

Comment: Re:1099's have been around for a long time (Score 1, Informative) 517

by HiChris! (#32398394) Attached to: IRS Wants a Cut of Sales On eBay and Craigslist
This is not the case. The problem is the new law (1099-misc not the 1099-K) will require an extreme increase in paperwork. The $600 requirement is now for EVERYTHING you do - not just for salary and similar expenses. Make a purchase for something (goods or service) over $600 and you need to file paperwork - that means getting TIN for all sorts of places - hotels, office supply store, rent, and on and on. For a large company that electronically files everything - they'll simply hire a few people to take care of it. However the small business owner will have an exponential increase in paperwork. An estimate of the average number of 1099s a small business files is about 10-15 a year currently - under the new law this number for many small business will be well over 100 (and that estimate only included 1099s for services not goods so the actual number is probably more than double that). Even if each form only takes 10 minutes to file if the owner does it themselves that is 1000 - 2000 minutes a year (16 - 32 hours) many owners of small business already work long hours 60+ a week and an extra couple hours a month is ridiculous to put them through. If they pay an accountant or the like more money goes out of the business. In the US with the economy the way it is currently and unemployment the way it is - this could slow down hiring of new people and/or reduce incomes of business who have to hire someone to take care of it. Most of these businesses are complying with everything already - this is punishing the many for the (potential) fraud of the few. With the number of new IRS agents that will need to be hired - they'd be better off just enforcing the current laws and do some quick audits of suspicious businesses

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