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Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 242

Forget about it. the links may or may not be better than the other shit posted here, but they point the wrong way which means you are a troll.

I think the current inhabitant of the oval office is wicked but am starting to believe the invasion was a mistake. The utter chaos that is MENA in the present time, that the animal in the white house directly caused, likely was entirely enabled by the toppling of the wicked iraqi bastard. How we handled the invasion and its aftermath was noble, but to see that through would have taken a decades long commitment, and if you can't be sure some wicked bastard wont just pull everyone out and let the whole thing explode, its completely irresponsible to disrupt the stability you have. So now we have ISIS and the IRAN regime as seriously potent enemies of mankind because of the animal in the white house but it was all enabled by Bush's responsibility.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 242

Watch as much as you like, but it is obviously a bad thing to do (ask even people who do it, what they think about it, and whether they want their kids to do it), and scientific inquiry, which eschews the obvious, often but not always to its benefit, is increasingly catching up to the human perception on this. It's true, religion is the only modern intellectual force motivating a human to act in ways befitting an exalted stature (philosophy jumped the shark long ago, which is why its dead now), or even acknowledging this stature, so until the various studies into the obvious become mainstream (if they ever do...our kafka world, as portrayed in the popular media, has come to entertain that a man can marry another man as a man marries a woman and that a man can be a woman, or a woman an man, if he or she so chooses...) religion will have to suffice.

But you hate religion, religion is bad, there is no source and everything just happened, and that is the intelligent viewpoint --You are a simpleton.

Comment a terminal (Score 1) 508

Will take some doing but it can be done, you give them a dumb screen with enough of a processor to connect to a central box that you manage. Assuming they have internet access. I once looked into it but got side tracked but there is plenty of on-line know how for the do it yourselfer or you can pay some one to set it for you and learn by watching. You could even do an ask slashdot on *that*. If you need portable, which I am guessing your internet solution will drive you to, this wont be much of an option though.

Comment That's it? (Score 1) 162

So when asked for a life-betterment achievement of Sillicon Valley, the oracle comes up with...yet. another. tech. solution. to solve a likely insoluble problem with no track record whatever. It's all bullshit. SV wants to make money. No more no less. Nothing wrong with that, but they abandoned religion and see themselves as gods. The tech 'titans' need to get over themselves.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 452

I don't know much about Reddit, but was under the impression that the mods were long time users, the users most committed to Reddit, and that they are those who create their respective sub-reddits or are close to those who did, and that they were those who would field and vet the AMA participants. My impression from the article I read was that AMA depends on them. So value in the sense of contributing to what might bring a user to the site. Value to the user, which naively means value to the proprietor. But to be sure, the only time I've been to Reddit was when a thread there showed up prominently in the results for some google query I'd made.

In any case I don't think Reddit owes anyone anything. Just don't think any of this is surprising or immoral The mods aren't exercising powers not accorded them by Reddit itself, are they?

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 452

It's sad that this was modded troll. And also sad how quickly I was modded +5. I don't usually say popular things so my my +5 mods are few and far between, but the one below was modded 5 almost instantly. So the one I disagreed with was modded Troll and and I was modded +5 and almost instantly. I can see how mod systems encourage self-congratulatory group think.

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