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Comment Need to see the entire article. (Score 1) 1191

Why can't I see the entire the article in the beta site?

You had the same problem in the beta mobile site and you changed it so all the story will be shown... so the same should be in the normal site - there is no need to shorten the article. It's already short enough. I want to see all of it so I can quickly skim the articles while reading the articles that interest me. I don't want an extra click just to read the entire article.

Comment Set a filtering proxy (Score 1) 301

At first, I could just disconnect from the internet to get work done.

But now, since I have to interact with servers on the internet during work, I just set up a proxy which allows me only to connect to the work servers. It's called Privoxy and it can run on windows or linux, and it's easy to enable/disable it.

Comment I use it.. as a Pandora browser (Score 1) 302

I'm kinda addicted to Pandora, so I use Seamonkey just for accessing Pandora.
I have to use a US proxy in order to access Pandora since I live in Israel and Pandora cannot be accessed outside the US. So I defined a proxy (through ssh SOCKS) in Seamonkey and I use it only for accessing Pandora.

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