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by Hellad (#23924103) Attached to: Lego Secret Vault Contains All Sets In History
Thanks for the reply, very helpful. I don't get the lego thing; I think it is because the sets never meant much to me. Like other people have posted, I never created whatever the set was supposed to be. I would have made a giant yellow dinosaur or whatever. A lego is a lego. That said, I can see why people will drop 50 bucks on some GI Joe tank or whatever. Different toys, same idea...

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Lucas123 writes "Computerworld has a story on how bloggers, rumormongers and Web sleuths pulled together the story of the MacBook Air several days before Steve Jobs unveiled the laptop on stage on Tuesday, something that is nearly unprecedented in the anals of Apple scoops. This seems to be good case study on how to use information from sites like AppleInsider, and Ars Technica get a peek under the covers on future announcements."
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