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Comment: Every Launch is Amazing (Score 1) 130

by HeatingEngineer (#36725508) Attached to: CmdrTaco Watches Atlantis Liftoff
Have worked at the space center for 29 years in Nov. I was not here for the first several launches. There were people who launched Atlantis in the firing room that that has launched STS 1. Anyone in the world that launches rockets is doing a hard, amazing job. Things like this are important. Very Important. There are other things that are very important. Just like going into space they, need to be done, and done as well as they can be, and improve over time. But they aren't urgent and won't constantly be the center of everyone's focus and interest. But they are very important. When the new rockets start launching try to see at least one launch in your life. It's the same as watching the first boats leave shore or the first aircraft taking off. But it's still hard; it's still costly (that's getting better); it still takes a long time to design, build, test and get to successful, consistent launch rates. Unfortunately we all get caught up in the "thick of thin things" and loose sight of these very important things. So, watch for the complacency, the loss of focus, send emails, speak up (constructively), vote, send letters, get your frequent dose of inspiration start these steps all over again when needed.

Comment: It's just hard ... (Score 1) 255

by HeatingEngineer (#25525691) Attached to: Setbacks Cast Doubt On NASA's Ares Project
.... as are all efforts on the edge of understanding and capability. Going into space still takes a long time, costs lots of money and requires working through many things that don't work to get to one way that does. Don't get distracted by those who have more opinion and bandwidth to blair than common sense or wisdom.

"Necessity is the mother of invention" is a silly proverb. "Necessity is the mother of futile dodges" is much nearer the truth. -- Alfred North Whitehead