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Comment: Re:Forget the trees, the forest is burning. (Score 1) 606

by HazMathew (#36218802) Attached to: Professor Questions Sink-Or-Swim Intro To CS Courses

These are your opinions and assumptions, not reality.

Getting a CS degree does in no way imply "a lack of self confidence in the first place, which is an indicator (though not a perfect indicator) that you were substandard in the first place."

Any respected university is going to have liberal arts/humanities requirements for CS undergrads.

Comment: Re:You want a different degree. (Score 1) 298

by HazMathew (#36140780) Attached to: Western Washington Univ. Considers Cutting Computer Science

Truthfully software engineering is much more than just programming. Software Engineering deals with the whole software life cycle from pre-development activities (requirements gathering, prototyping, architecture, planning, estimation, budgeting, choosing appropriate methodologies) through development, testing, QA, and post-implementation of software systems.

To be an engineer one must posses a solid fundamental understanding of science (physics, chemistry and most importantly mathematics). These are not subjects that are mastered through attending a vocational school. Why would these subjects be needed by a software engineer? Because they're required to understand the systems that form the natural world, and this knowledge is priceless when designing new systems. Going through the rigor of studying engineering teaches one how to analyze and learn, it formalizes one's intuition, and fosters an appreciation for pragmatic yet elegant design.

When I hire engineerings I expect no less than a degree from an Engineering College at an accredited University. When I hire developers, vocational school is fine, given they can demonstrate they're proficiency in the required technology.

Nice try, thanks for playing.

Comment: Re:Congrats! (Score 1) 559

by HazMathew (#34139456) Attached to: EPIC Files Lawsuit To Suspend Airport Body Scanner Use

Sure, this is just fine until frequent fliers start encountering higher incidences of cancer caused by the radiation of full body scanners. Don't tell me the radiation levels are minimal unless there is an inspected third party monitor installed with the results in full view. Operator error and software defects have been known to cause CAT scanners to emit unnecessarily high levels of radiation.

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