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Comment: PERU (Score 2, Interesting) 920

by Hasney (#30399742) Attached to: The best pizza I have ever had, I found ...
My god, the pizza I had in Peru as a bit of a joke/dare ended up being the nicest one I ever had.

No cheese or tomato. Condensed milk, passion fruit, pineapple and pear. It was the most delicious thing.

Best traditional pizza I had was a Papa Johns where I live in Leeds, England, they have unfortunatly shut down after Domino's squeezed them with offers.

Comment: Duke = Citizen Kane (Score 5, Funny) 427

by Hasney (#29821135) Attached to: A Look At How Far PC Gaming Has Come
A lesser extent Duke Nukem? That game was writing gold. I shed a tear as the main protagonist (Duke) said it was time to "Kick ass and chew bubblegum.... But I'm all out of gum". It felt like it was a commentary on the human condition; "It is time to do 2 things, but I can only resonably do one of them right now"

Without Duke Nukems thick layer of metaphors and social commentary, Kojima would never have been inspired to make Metal Gear Solid.

Comment: Stick and Carrot (Score 5, Insightful) 150

by Hasney (#29308993) Attached to: Musicians Oppose Anti-Piracy Measures In the UK

So these artists are saying that now the stick is far larger than the carrot. What carrot? When have we ever been giving an incentive to pay for the music rather than download it, other than guilt?

I think at this point the stick is just getting larger and pointier and this carrot they may have used at one point has just rotted in the corner.

Comment: Re:I'm thinking.,.. (Score 1) 389

by Hasney (#29228497) Attached to: Why Is It So Difficult To Allow Cross-Platform Play?
Slight correction

EA games use their own servers, even on XBox Live. They wouldn't even go on XBox Live until MS changed that restriction, hence why the PS2 games got network support before the original XBox Live.

I think it is a code issue, if you have a look at games that promised cross 360/Windows play even, I don't think any of them had that feature left in

As for FF11, can someone confirm/deny that 360 players can play with PC and PS2 users of the game?

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