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Comment: Not just games (Score 1) 1

by HartDev (#35875490) Attached to: Dollar Apps Killing Traditional Gaming?
It is not just games that are affected. My father and I coded up a nifty little client manager app for the Android. After about 3 months of coding in our spare time we put it on the market for $5......I think 2 people bought it in a months time.....then we lowered the price to $0.99 and a few more people bought it. After only making $20 off of it we tried the ads one touched the ads so no money was made there. Better yet some were insulted that we would charge money or when it was free putting ads in it. I am gonna go the the coffee business since no one bats an eye at a $5 coffee but cringes at an app over $0.99!!!

Comment: Re:Pshaw, overkill (Score 1) 2

by HartDev (#35875402) Attached to: Erasing CDs by using 150000 Volts of electricity
Wow, all I did with a cd I wanted destroyed was a few seconds in the microwave, at a law firm I worked at they had a little machine that carved bumps into the plastic but not the metallic film...if a guy really wanted he could figure out a way to steal that just would be such a waste of time though...

Comment: Other Operating Systems (Score 1) 1

by HartDev (#35875350) Attached to: Apple vs. Microsoft By The Numbers
This was definitely an interesting article, but they neglect all the Linux goodness out there, way more Linux servers than anything else, a Linux kernal powered phone has more than the iPhone or Windows phone, and the Linux Desktop is getting really slick. Unfortunately I can answer my own question in that Linux is not monetizing like Apple or Microsoft. And it is a really sad thing to because commercial software could be made for Linux but so often many people are against paying for software, which is not the idea behind Open Source, but rather the freedom to do what you want, like how I choose to pay for StarCraft II...I would love to play it on Linux and have no desire to tinker with it's source code. Perhaps a study on how much money each operating system is making for the company using it would be a better measure of software quality, but this article was more based on investor interest...

Comment: Rebuild communites (Score 1) 432

by HartDev (#27543407) Attached to: Better Living Through Nukes?
All those communities with houses older than dirt itself, and water and electrical systems that are ancient, simply have all the east coast stay with relatives in the west coast and then nuke it and then you can rebuild the electrical infrastructure and never worry about blackouts again! Until another couple hundred years...

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