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Comment: Isn't it obvious? (Score 1) 947

by Hardtrance (#35041052) Attached to: Teachers Back Away From Evolution In Class
These teachers are obviously intimidated by all the righty thugs who seem to be calling all the shots these days. These dupes of the plutocracy are unwittingly aiding the war against the middle class by leading the charge against education in this country with their anti-science, anti-intellectual agenda. Add to that the fact that soon, only the rich will be able to afford a college education and we'll end up with a generation of weak minded fools who will believe everything Glen Beck and Fox News tells them.

Comment: Re:And that's why democrats hate you (Score 1) 999

by Hardtrance (#31472856) Attached to: Texas Approves Conservative Curriculum

Can't remember who said it but, "Liberals (Democrats) are tolerant of everything except intolerance".

Riiiiiiight. Do you seriously believe that ?

Well, I admit it may be a somewhat hyperbolic statement, but in principle yes I believe it.

Let's see, don't even do this. Just imagine it. See what your own opinion is about the matter. You walk into a democrat on the street. Just any democrat activist. Anyone at all.

Now tell him that you don't believe in global warming.

So what is your imagination telling you happens next ?

Ummm He laughs his ass off?

Is it a reasoned discussion ? Didn't think so.

I thought that all sides had pretty much agreed that global warming was a fact and that the discussion had moved on to whether or not human activity has had any effect on said warming.

If democrats were truly "tolerant of everything except intolerance" they'd out-suicide-bomb the muslims.

See above.

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Journal: I'm a troll

Journal by Hardtrance

Wow! My first time being modded as a "troll". I don't post often, so I hardly get any mods at all. At first I was pissed but rereading my post, I guess I *was* sort of trolling.

Comment: Re:Fools. (Score 0, Troll) 572

by Hardtrance (#31306900) Attached to: Unfriendly Climate Greets Gore At Apple Meeting

Hows about a car analogy. You give your kid a car for his sixteenth birthday. He takes it it and drives it into a tree, toataling it. You: "How the hell could you do such an irresponsible thing?" Kid: "You said it was mine. I figured I could do whatever I wanted with it".

I always read 'dominion over the Earth' as God charging man with stewardship of the Earth, not a blank check to destroy it.

Of course, the Fundies will tell me that it's not for me to interpret the Bible, but as Steven Colbert said: "God wrote the Bible in English for a reason."

Comment: Re:Why Firefly? (Score 1) 922

by Hardtrance (#30731518) Attached to: What SciFi Should Get the Reboot Treatment Next?

Thank You! As much as liked the character, when Book died I was almost relived that we could get on with the story. Then Wash died. The end of the film was pretty grim and by that point I thought it was possible that they were ALL going to die. If it had been a TV episode I'd have been checking my watch wondering how not if they were going to survive. To me it's just one more example of Whedon's amazing talent

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