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Comment: Re:What about legitimate uses? (Score 1) 193

by cyberchondriac (#48029821) Attached to: CEO of Spyware Maker Arrested For Enabling Stalkers
Has he not [i]expanded [/i]the Patriot Act? Are we not lamenting some new loss of freedom daily here at slashdot? What about the NSA run amuck? The DEA may have lightened up a bit on pot but now they're cracking down on codeine and anything remotely related, as schedule 2, effective Oct 6.
How about the NDAA? Now he can kill American citizens without warrant or investigation, legally; Bush couldn't do that.
But the main thing is, Obama campaigned so heavily on transparency, and lighting up the "police state", yet he's done the exact opposite. Even more inexcusable, since he's claimed AQ to be decimated and terrorism to be on the wane. Then what's the excuse? At least Bush was reacting to 9/11.

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by cyberchondriac (#48006477) Attached to: Breakthrough In LED Construction Increases Efficiency By 57 Percent
I had a Sonata CPU case with a pair of blinding blue LEDs, and those buggers were annoying; but the little notification LED on a Samsung Galaxy S4 isn't bad.
The thing that astounds me is that OLEDs and LEDs can be so much brighter still. I have to admit, 15 years ago, my thoughts and predictions about LEDs in general couldn't have been more wrong; I figured they were a dead end, and as good as they were going to get. Then LED TVs came out, and high output versions like those made by Cree, and it was all revolutionary. LED light bulbs are the next big thing.
Now it sounds like all that was only the beginning? Cool.

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She's gorgeous, talented, AND intelligent; the only thing I find questionable about this, is her (re)defining the term "feminism". If it's all about equality, shouldn't it be called "Equality"? It sounds awfully gender-centric to just one of the two. Imagine if there were a movement called "Masculinism".
Other than that, carry on, Miss Watson.

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by cyberchondriac (#47980011) Attached to: Now That It's Private, Dell Targets High-End PCs, Tablets
Nah, every statement made here on /. is an absolute to the reading comprehension challenged.
Except this one actually is I suppose, since I said "every".

Personally the whole concept of shareholders is starting to rub me the wrong way. Large public corporations all too often begin to focus far more on shareholder profits at the expense of their customers and employees. I believe it should be as much about making good product as it is good profit. And certainly treat employees with some respect too, because without them, or customers, there is no company, no matter how many shareholders you have.

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by cyberchondriac (#47975367) Attached to: US Strikes ISIL Targets In Syria

Well by that raionale, would you consider the KKK to be Christian? After all, they espouse that their beliefs are based on biblical theology.

Yes, actually. At least, it is in the core of their beliefs, twisted and perverted as it is. They don't represent Christianity accurately, but they are christian, technically. They wouldn't be the first such example. King Charlemagne slaughtered hundreds of pagans who wouldn't convert at Verden in 782ce. Sound familiar?

It must be noted however, the bulk of any atrocities in xtianity's name were committed hundreds of years ago, and at that, were not at all in character with the tenants of the religion; Jesus did not advocate violence or war; whereas the Koran has dozens of bloodthirsty suras, further which don't appear to be in a constrained historical context in the manner which old testament atrocities are presented, but an open-ended command to be followed herewith.
To their credit as ethical human beings, I think moderate muslims keep the peace by selectively ignoring those distasteful parts of the Koran, even though they abrogate the earlier, more peaceful verses.

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by cyberchondriac (#47973419) Attached to: US Revamping Its Nuclear Arsenal
I'm not sure it's matter of making or keeping more warheads, but probably more a matter of "better"; more quickly deployed, better tracking, etc. I'm sure they'd be upgrading the delivery systems.
Nukes aren't going away, ever. No putting the genie back in the bottle. Reality is not pretty. MAD is crazy, but not as crazy as leaving yourself defenseless with no way to retaliate; unless you sincerely believe no country would fire on a weakened US; that Putin has no designs on expanding Russia or returning to the USSR glory days..... and I think there's plenty of evidence that he is. He's even made suggestive nuclear threats lately.
On the bright side, nuclear winter would stave off global warming. :-)

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by ncc74656 (#47952041) Attached to: Tinba Trojan Targets Major US Banks

Frequently the bank forces the user to use exploitable means just to communicate with the bank.

IE6+ActiveX required, anyone?

If your bank requires you to use that steaming pile of fail, why haven't you left yet?

Wells Fargo used to throw up warnings when you used a browser they hadn't yet evaluated, but I think the rapid-release schedule taken by most browser vendors put a stop to that. Even then, it was just a didn't affect functionality.

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