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Comment Re:She's halfway there... (Score 1) 547

IANAP, but the "copy and paste" mentality worries me. I've done basic HTML as a hobby but refused to use javascript unless I understood how it worked. But that's just web stuff. When it comes to real apps, it would be even more critical, especially if more and more programmers start cutting corners. If you don't really know how your program is doing what it's doing, how are you supposed to troubleshoot it?

Comment Re:kept my Netflix dvd subscription (Score 1) 291

As far as I'm concerned, the DVD subscription has never *not* made sense. I've had a 3-disc-at-a-time subscription since 2002. The streaming service was pretty much useless when it was introduced. That wasn't much of a problem when it was a freebie, but when they started charging $8/month for something I never used, I dropped it pretty quickly.

Don't underestimate the bandwidth of three Blu-rays in your mailbox.

Comment Re:I really just don't get it. (Score 2) 184

Such irony. Have you ever actually toured Independence Hall in Philadelphia? Want the real story behind the war? Do the tour, and lay off the propaganda. And no one said anything about the TEA party. Agenda much?
You also forget, Washington, et al, was a politician *after* he was a general. A number of politicians today have served in the military in their past too, though not as many once did. That's not unique to the US, however, that's just the times.

Comment Re:Free speech hundreds of miles out in the desert (Score 1) 184

Actually, yes, they are. Cops routinely patrol heavily on the 4th of July, looking for people setting off fireworks in their backyard. They're crawling all over my neighbor every year. And at that, that's a lot more ground to cover than a single event that also touts the use of a lot more than just beer or the odd shot of JD. People on acid shooting off fireworks without a license, and burning stuff ... like nothing could go wrong? The people who run the event are probably not so much an issue, but the random attendees are a different matter.

Comment Re:Well, that's embarrassing (Score 1) 611

Ah well... Let's hope these people doing this work are not subjected to too many death threats or terrorist attacks because of their findings. Some folks work really hard to keep other people in line and some folks are willing to die for their religious beliefs. Hopefully that does not happen here.

You know they will. This will be considered blasphemy in the highest degree, even by the non-fundamentalists. They're marked men.

Comment Re:Who says we're not? (Score 1) 813

Good point, but there may be no way around that. One thing people definitely need to be careful of, is who you donate to. Being rich doesn't translate to no work, or it shouldn't; in fact, I'd be studying my ass off learning finance so I would have a clue what's going on. I'd probably get a bit paranoid too. How would I know if my accountant and lawyer were skimming off the top? I wouldn't know if I was ignorant of the whole system.
I'd research and investigate every charity I looked to donate to, and anyone who sought me out with their hand out (besides the normal automated stuff everyone gets) would automatically get on my "no" list. I'd probably start my own foundation, really.
On a more personal level, if I hit it big, my dream is to build a sweet recording studio and finally start laying down original tracks. That would be the dream. I'm working on it now, but it's slow going. I'd be happy with that. IT pays the bills, but the stress is also taking years off my life.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 744

I was under the impression that Gentoo still had OpenRC as default while allowing the selection of systemd as an alternative.

systemd is available as an option, but (as you noted) it's not the default and you're not forced into using it. (Except maybe if you want GNOME, later versions of which depend on systemd? I've never used GNOME, so I'm not 100% positive on that.)

Comment Re: It's not about the crime (Score 1) 263

21 you can finally buy beer, but still cant rent a car

I was 19 the first time I rented a car. Mine was in the shop for collision repair (dumbass backed into me in a parking lot right as I arrived at work). There weren't as many options and they charged more per day than if I had been 25, but I was able to rent a car. It beat biking through the summer heat to get to work.

Comment Re:Cost (Score 1) 175

We've got a neighbor who does this to us now, but we haven't identified the SOB yet. Twice now recently, on a Sunday or Monday morning, we walk out to a huge steaming pile on our lawn. When I found out who the slob is, I'd delivering it to his house via airmail.. all over the windows, walls, door, porch, etc..

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