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Comment: The People Who Know Best love this, don't they? (Score 2) 101

by Handpaper (#42305705) Attached to: UK Internet Porn Blocking Rejected
About 70% of the 78 voluntary and community sector organisations that responded answered "yes" to an automatic block while a strong majority of respondents from all other groups answered "no".

For "community [ ] organisations" they don't seem very much in tune with "the community", do they?

Nothing new there then, the NSPCC et al have to keep the pressure on or their State Funding might dry up.

Policymaking with the aid of government funded pressure groups - more incest than you'll ever find online!

Comment: Re:The most widespread form of child abuse (Score 4, Insightful) 281

by Handpaper (#26967441) Attached to: UK Gov. Wants IWF List To Cover 100% of UK Broadband
I honestly can't see that the ISPs/IWF are actually serious about blocking anything.
The block is implemented via DNS - avoiding it is trivial. It's a sop to the Government, rather than an effective censor.
In fact, as things stand, we may have the best of it. The Government have their 'block', ISPs are 'doing something' and we have our Internet. All of it.
The Internet

+ - Krak demands money from blogger who linked to them

Submitted by
Paul O'Flaherty
Paul O'Flaherty writes "Krak.dk, a danish company has demanded that a blogger pay them 5625 DKK (about 940 USD) because he linked to their site. This was not hotlinking. It was a direct link to page. They have a "no deep linking" policy hidden away in the copyright section of their help pages. But no mention of it anywhere else on the site.

Per Kaarup, a good friend of mine who has been running a Danish WordPress blog about his two dogs received an letter from Krak.dk stating that they were going to charge him 5625 DKK (about 940 USD) because he linked to their site.

Per, for the last two years, has had a link in the footer of his web page, and on his contact page, to a page on Krak.dk which displayed his home. This page has a small copyright notice on the map section of the page itself stating in Danish that it is copyright and you can’t use it.

Per was not using the map, he was directly linking to the page on which it is displayed, and the page itself is much more than just the map.

How long before other sites start doing this?. Full story."

+ - Whatever happened to Aerogel?

Submitted by
BK117 writes "When I first saw the news releases for this amazing material (in the early 1990's) they said it would revolutionize refrigerators, hot water heaters and many other devices needing lightweight insulation. Well, I have yet to see any consumer-level appliances using aerogels. Why not?"

With your bare hands?!?