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Comment: TV Show (Score 2) 99

by Handbasket Passenger (#37764650) Attached to: Coding Games In 48 Hours
Anyone know any of the people that run this thing? I think they could really get a lot of good publicity and probably make some cash by shopping this around to some TV networks. I watch some of those cooking shows, like Chopped, where contestants have X amount of time to make some kind of entree based on certain ingredients. This contest sounds like an awfully familiar concept.

A TV show where contestants are given some keywords to create a game in 48 hours, edited down to an hour or 2 would be a really interesting concept. It would also give some indie developers some much needed recognition.

This doesn't just work with games, either. Imagine a show where groups of security researchers are pitted head-to-head to break into a system. I know they already have contests like this, but not in TV show format (that I know of). This might be a harder concept, especially if they would need to create new 0-days to crack these systems.

A lot of times, our best ideas and concepts come out of enormous pressure. I remember hearing a story of a fireman that was going to be engulfed in a large forest fire that invented the concept of controlled burning an area around him to ensure that the flames could not reach him. I really wish I could find a link to the story (If someone could provide one, I would appreciate it - a quick googling did not turn up anything). This is the same concept - I bet we would get a lot of great ideas from a show like this.

Comment: Re:#1 tool (Score 2) 226

by Handbasket Passenger (#37444944) Attached to: Essential Open Source Tools For Windows Admins
Seems that this post is referring to non-MS tools... since MS acquired Sysinternals, it goes to reason they wouldn't include it. A little post-article mention of Sysinternals and other very useful free/cheap tools from MS would have been appreciated (I.E. Windebug, SOS) if you're reading this, Mr. Bruzzese

Comment: Re:Burden of proof. (Score 1) 810

by Handbasket Passenger (#34790952) Attached to: Running Your Own Ghost Investigation?
I couldn't disagree more with you. OP, please read this before you take this person's advice:
  1. The person that posted seemed to assume that you did not want to investigate for fun, but to prove your friends wrong. Lets not take ourselves so seriously... after all, who doesn't like to get a little spooked every once in a while?
  2. Some of the best experimental science came from positing a question, then carrying out an experiment based on said question, even if the experiment would never have been able to completely prove one's hypothesis. Sometimes, it truly is the journey and not the destination that we learn the most from.
  3. Objectivity is king in cases like this. While the commenter I'm replying to is correct, that there is almost no way to completely prove the existence of "Spirits" (save sitting down and having a philosophical debate with Carl Sagan), there is also no way to disprove it either. Therefore, it must fall into the varying categories of levels of possibility. To discount all "Spirit Activity" as something akin to the mental/spiritual opiate of a less intelligent sub-culture of humanity without at least attempting to investigate their claims would be doing those people a disservice.
  4. And lastly, there is always the chance that a new, completely natural phenomena is occurring at that particular spot, and you could be the first to document it. One in a million... maybe... but still a pretty cool thought.

If you are really interested in doing this, I hope that some of these comments don't put you off to the idea. At most, you could find some pretty cool natural (or possibly unnatural) phenomena. At least, you could have some fun with some friends on a spooky friday night.

Happy Ghost Hunting!

Comment: Re:Samsung Epic (Score 1) 359

by Handbasket Passenger (#34778606) Attached to: Smartphones For Text SSH Use Re-Revisited
Did a search for "Epic" and somehow missed this post, so I posted this phone below as well. I second this comment, I used connectbot on my epic and it works great. Sure, it'll never be as nice as a real terminal. However, If I have to log in to a server and restart Apache or Postgres it works fantastically.

Now if they would only get off their asses and release the fuggin' Froyo update.

To err is human -- to blame it on a computer is even more so.