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Journal: Why does no one read a thread before responding to a post

Journal by Hammer

It amazes me that so many respond to posts without taking them in context.
Lately I accidentally created s flood of such out of context responses.
A posts MS created original S/W
me reply that the S/W MS created is copied from other S/W
B, C & D replies along the lines. You idiot of course it is based on an existing idea. Stop whining, or we would only have one program ever of each kind

I was not in any way passing judgement on MS for making a "copy" of S/W. Copying an idea is good if that brings something new to the market (e.g. new feature or better price)
I was in fact responding to the incorrect statement that the S/W in question was original. But B, C & D didn't bother themselves to read and understand the thread and therefore responded to a post taken completely out of context.

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Journal: Slash is getting of age.

Journal by Hammer

It is amazing how time flies. I just realized that I have read and posted on /. for 4-4.5 years now.
It has been fun and sometimes annoying. (can we please get rid of all trolls etc.)

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