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+ - Weblogger questioned by police for retweeting->

Submitted by Halueth
Halueth (776646) writes "Dutch weblogger Bert Brussen is suspect in a case where he used a screenshot of a tweet done by a radical muslim leader. That muslim leader sent out a death threat to Geert Wilders and Bert Brussen linked to that tweet in order to let the world see what is going on (Dutch article here: Now the Dutch justice department is not only considering that muslim leader a suspect, but also the weblogger linking to it. Police will question him later this month."
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+ - Fingerprints now mandatory on travel documents->

Submitted by Halueth
Halueth (776646) writes "From June 28, 2009 fingerprints should be included in the passport and Dutch identity card. European legislation imposes this obligation. Two fingerprints are stored in the chip of the passport and identity card. These documents contain all data since August 2006 a chip. Children under 12 years are excluded from fingerprints, and therefore not stored in the chip. The fingerprints are used to the applications and issuing passports and Dutch identity card to verify if the person requesting the document, the legitimate holder is. The government has a bill in the Dutch parliament which is to make sure that the recorded fingerprints are stored in the travel records and fingerprints which can be used. source (Dutch) This travel record database is accessible by the justice department and police without a warrant and can be used whenever they want to. source (Dutch)"
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