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Comment: Good and bad for everything (Score 1) 94

by HalAtWork (#49044499) Attached to: What Does It Mean To Be a Data Scientist?
I'm sure there are good reasons to datamine and bad reasons as well. Some goals yield benefits to many while others are more selfish. The question is if there can be more good done or more bad, and if the benefits outweigh the pitfalls. What are we wiling to sacrifice? Are our desires important enough to risk the pitfalls? Do we think we can account for the pitfalls and protect ourselves against them, or are we just being arrogant and blindsiding ourselves?

Why am I asking you?

Comment: Best just to use social networks in moderation (Score 1) 467

by HalAtWork (#48989709) Attached to: Twitter CEO: "We Suck" At Dealing With Trolls, Vows To Kick Them Out
A lot of people get caught up using these services and wind up judging the people they follow whether they troll them or not, even if snarky thoughts aren't expressed, they're still made, just from scrutinizing so much on such a scale. Just don't go on there every day and take it easy, it'll be better for your mind as well as your exposure to vitriol.

Comment: How useful will it be? (Score 1) 307

by HalAtWork (#48959075) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Windows For Raspberry Pi 2
There won't be much to do on/with Windows for the Pi 2, the only thing people will be porting to it is the same open source software that's on Linux for the Pi, buy why take all the work to do that and accomplish basically the same thing that's already possible with Linux? Practice for developers I guess, but I don't see what new opportunities having Windows on the Pi will do, it's not like that will bring along the Windows software ecosysytem. It will be the same ecosystem we already have on Linux, except piece by piece and not everything will be there for a while. It will be easier and faster to get up and running with Linux on the Pi. Will Windows even be able to catch up in this niche that's already so well served?

Comment: Because I like the hardware (Score 2) 592

by HalAtWork (#48845129) Attached to: Why Run Linux On Macs?
I prefer Linux and the software ecosystem, and want a laptop with good specs, battery life, features, and build quality. So I got a Mac and run Linux. I tried OS X but don't like the interface. They kept switching up the file manager on each OS revision, hiding folders I wanted to see, and it was hard to get apps I like working properly on the OS such as Inkscape. It is just not ideal for what I want to do.

When the weight of the paperwork equals the weight of the plane, the plane will fly. -- Donald Douglas