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Roku Finally Gets a 2D Menu System 80

Posted by samzenpus
from the new-look dept.
DeviceGuru writes "Many of us have griped for years about Roku's retro one-dimensional user interface. Finally, in conjunction with the release of the new Roku 3 model, the Linux-based media streaming player is getting a two-dimensional facelift, making it quicker and easier to access favorite channels and find new ones. Current Roku users, who will now begin suffering from UI-envy, will be glad to learn that Roku plans to push out a firmware update next month to many earlier models, including the Roku LT, Roku HD (model 2500R), Roku 2 HD, Roku 2 XD, Roku 2 XS, and Roku Streaming Stick. A short demo of the new 2D Roku menu system is available in this YouTube video."

Comment: no fix for Python in the making (Score 5, Interesting) 156

by HTD (#38525940) Attached to: Microsoft Issuing Unusual Out-of-Band Security Update
What worries me the most is that according to the guys holding the presentation there was no reponse from the python team on that issue. Also plone, a web platform based on python, they tested their attack against it and notified the plone guys, didn't implement any countermeasures after being notified. This was fixed in perl in 2003, it's interesting that the opensource community didn't bother to check the hashtable implementations of all other languages back then. Are they in competition not telling others that something important needs to be fixed? Java devs, chose not to change their hash algo in 2003 BTW because it is a too integral part. Well the modified version is in use for 8 years in perl, might wanna upgrade it this time ;)
Also the fixes PHP 5.4rc (and tomcat, and ...) implemented are just workarounds that were already available before with the suhosin extension for example. Limiting the number of variables you can POST is a wannabe fix, can be circumvented with JSON for example (given that the app uses json_decode() on the receiving end).

Comment: Re:postgres didn't do so badly (Score 1) 157

by HTD (#32562328) Attached to: MySQL Outpacing Oracle In Wake of Acquisition
if you need to constantly change an ENUM field, then it is not supposed to be an enum field in the first place... Use a foreign-key to a table which you can easily edit. BTW, you can edit an enum fields definition, it's just a series of clever DDL queries. but again, an enum column isn't supposed to change by design.
Portables (Apple)

+ - T-Mobile sells unlocked iPhones in Germany->

Submitted by slart42
slart42 (694765) writes "Following up Tuesday's story, in which Vodaphone brought T-Mobile to court for selling iPhones in Germany without an option to buy them without an expensive two-year contract, T-Mobile has now announced (german Spiegel article) the sale of unlocked iPhones for a "bargain" price of only 999 Euros. Getting your hands on one of these might provide some insight on how to "properly" unlock an iPhone, which won't be relocked with the next firmware update from Apple."
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