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Comment: Re:What where they copying? (Score 1) 155

by HCase (#47987623) Attached to: Blizzard Has Canceled Titan, Its Next-gen MMO

The first person shooter was invented the first time someone picked up a rock. It was refined with squirt guns with many revisions in between. Id just helped move it to a computer.

Ebay didn't invention auctions. Paypal didn't invent currency. Id didn't invent chasing imaginary creatures with imaginary firearms.

Comment: Re:Size does matter. (Score 1) 294

by HCase (#44766161) Attached to: Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2: Now With New Kickstand!

A specialized use case, but I would like one for digital art. It would be required to be fairly powerful, run a full PC operating system, and have a built in digitizer. Also, I would expect it to work well in a laptop format with a convertible/detachable/wireless keyboard.

"How would you carry that around?"
Carrying around is easy, put it an a backpack or messenger bag, 15-17" laptops are not a new thing.

"How the hell would you hold it?"
I normally wouldn't. As a laptop it would be used as any other laptop. As a tablet it would primarily normally be used on my lap, or on a desk/table using a kickstand, portable stand, or less portable docking station depending on location.

Comment: Re:The Not-So-Glorious Reality (Score 4, Funny) 528

by HCase (#44094517) Attached to: The Glorious Return of the Twinkie

"Not that much of this will matter to the increasingly Randian crowd on Slashdot."

Oh, please. You know that if a worker just shows a little initiative, and works hard on the twinkie production line, they will be rewarded with wage increases and promotions until they are able to join elite non moocher society. /s

Comment: Re:What true innovations? (Score 2) 578

by HCase (#43904757) Attached to: A Serious Proposal To Fix Windows 8

"I wish there would be some minimal Windows that just shows the desktop where I can double click on the Game I want."

Um... Windows 8 has its issues, but this is actually a use case that it's almost perfect for. It boots quickly to a screen with 1 big square icon for each of your games, which will launch the game when clicked on. You'd need to remove a few icons initially, but then you'd be set and could organize your games into whatever order or groupings you want.

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