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Comment: Re:Election Fraud (Score 0) 494

by HAMgeek (#27273473) Attached to: Kentucky Officials "Changed Votes At Voting Machines"
Democrats tend to show their true colors once they gain power. They tend to favor policies that do nothing but increase the people's dependence on government in hopes that they can remain in power. Democrats also tend to be more glaring in their breakage of campaign promises. Obama pledged in the campaign to run an open and transparent administration and in reality he's banned the press from at least one event at the White House. He promised that he'd not sign any bill until the people had some time to read it and in reality he's signed bills within minutes of them reaching his desk. He promised change yet his policies are simply grander, bigger, versions of tired old democrat tax and spend tactics.

Comment: Re:On the first day.. (Score 1) 622

by HAMgeek (#14371620) Attached to: Humans First Arose in Asia?
And you're trying to claim that those who support Darwinism don't have a similar interest in protecting thier theories? Given that there is no real proof for evolution on the scale that would be required to result in the diversity of life what makes Darwin's claims any more valid? The naturalist movement started pretty much with some folk who were looking for an explanation of our existace that precluded the existance of God. And the best they could come up with was that it just happened. Things don't just happen. Everything has a root cause. Many times that root cause isn't apparent but it's there none-the-less. Just because the all knowing scientist can't find it doesn't mean it isn't there.

There's no future in time travel.