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Comment: Re:It's a complete game changer (Score 1) 121 121

As a Type 1 diabetic:
I can already eat whenever I want.
I bolus my insulin for the amount of carbohydrates I'm eating, so I don't have to keep eating to compensate.
I don't need to wake up in the middle of the night to test my glucose - if I wake up in the middle of the night and feel low, I will test and have a glucose table if necessary.
I do check before I go to the gym, especially if I'm feeling low - again, I take a glucose tables or two if required.


+ - Half Life is now available natively on Steam for Linux->

Submitted by Conzar
Conzar writes: I loaded up my steam client for Linux tonight and found a pleasant surprise waiting in my library to be downloaded. That's right, one of the greatest FPS's in history, Half Life. I downloaded the game which didn't take any time at all. I fired it up, configured my options (max res is 1920x1080) and played the first 10 minutes of the game without any problems!

For those that have Ubuntu, Steam, and have Half Life (Beta) in their library, its a must play even if the game is over 10 years old.

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Comment: Re:Not surprising... (Score 2) 216 216

by HAKdragon (#41235147) Attached to: AMD64 Surpasses i386 As Debian's Most Popular Architecture

I haven't seen 64-bit versions of Windows (Vista and 7) having any problem running 32-bit applications. What I have noticed is that a number of older applications utilize 16-bit installers which 64-bit versions of Windows won't run, but many times those will lay down 32-bit executables and libraries that the OS handles fine.
As an aside, I run the 64-bit version of Debian at home and I haven't had any issue running 32-bit applicaitons, assuming ia32-libs is installed (Wouldn't be a bad idea to install this by default (a la SUSE) or at least prompt during the install).

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