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Comment: Gee, If only there was a set of standards... (Score 1) 320

by Gyrony (#37686902) Attached to: Opera Proposes Switching Browser Scrolling For 'Pages'
Google wanting to kill JavaScript, Opera with this. Google has at least a whisper of a chance with Dart. Does Opera have a stick big enough to leverage their measly 2% share to make this happen on a wide scale? And, do web designers want the browser messing up their layout? Does anyone actually consider Opera important enough to accommodate its quirks? I think not.

Comment: Re:Web Workers (Score 1) 134

by Gyrony (#37426156) Attached to: River Trail — Intel's Parallel JavaScript
"A ParallelArray abstraction for JavaScript and a Firefox add-on to enable parallel programming in JavaScript targeting multi-core CPUs and vector SSE/AVX instructions." Sounds to me as though this is not Multithreaded JavaScript or a replacement for Web Workers, but an implementation of vector processing for JavaScript, using OpenCL

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