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Comment Re:Explain the science behind "miracles"? (Score 1) 314

Actually posts that offend me fall into far more categories, i just don't react to them. These particular post are annoying in that there seems to be a surge in them. Ironically digg seems to have the opposite, a bunch of Christians "preaching" (for extremely loose definitions of preaching) to people they have no hope of converting.

Comment Re:Explain the science behind "miracles"? (Score 0, Offtopic) 314

First how do you know I'm a Christian, I just hate how some people also turn a discussion in that direction (either way). Second how was he on topic, he said "explain science behind "miracles"" Then basically said state that biblical miracles are impossible. Science Teachers need to focus on subjects that are actually provable (evolution, gravity, ...) , you can't prove/disprove something that can't be tested/observed.

Comment Re:Netbooks are the future. (Score 1) 318

All these netbooks are stronger than my current desktop (1GHz processor, 20 GB HDD (6.6 GB free), 247.6 MiB of memory). My next computer will probably be a netbook, I'll keep my monitor and mouse (actually a small laptop mouse because I prefer the smaller size) for when I'm not moving around.

Comment Re:Prison no-call blanket (Score 1) 317

1 crooked/threatened guard gives the inmate the phone. You would need a prison administration wide conspiracy to stop every guard from taking the phone. A bigger problem would be the guards barely making over minimal wage just not caring enough to enforce what they might seem as a pointless rule.

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