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Comment: Android seems ok (Score 1) 137

by GweeDo (#45978847) Attached to: Starbucks Phone App Stores Password Unencrypted

I didn't spend much time on it, but this doesn't seem to be the case on Android. First of all, they never store things outside of /data/data/com.starbucks.mobilecard. So only a root application would be able to read things. Secondly, the main sqlite database they seem to be storing things in is encrypted.

Comment: Launch Day Buyer (Score 1) 281

by GweeDo (#35665750) Attached to: Does 3D Make Your Head Happy Or Ache?

I picked up the 3DS on launch day along with Super Street Fighter 4, Pilot Wings and Super Monkey Ball. For myself I have no issue sitting down for 45 minutes+ with any of these titles and feeling fine afterwards. I will note that in both Pilot Wings and Super Monkey Ball I can't have the 3D slider all the way up. If I do the images start to cross and it messes with my eyes. This doesn't happen in Super Street Fighter 4, so I am not 100% sure what the 3D slider is doing differently between these titles.

I will also note that I have no issues with headaches or motion sickness from 3D movies at a theater or in home with active shutter glasses.

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