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Comment Re:They did for me. (Score 4, Informative) 91

A guy from AT&T knocked on my door and said the same thing. "Really? Sweet! I've been waiting for ages." I took him into my backyard and said "Show me where." I don't have an alley and everything is aerial, so for them to bury fiber in the backyard would be a pain in the ass and waaaaay more expensive than just hanging it on the poles. He looked around on the ground for peds anyway, didn't see any, then stared up at the poles with a confused look on his face. "See that? *points* That's a 50 pair copper cable running down those poles serving my street and the street over there *waves*. That terminal there *points* feeds the copper drops going to those four *points* houses. The cable above that *points* is Charter's cable, and then I really hope you know that those cables up top *waves* are power lines. So tell me.. where's your fiber?"

He stood silent for a few seconds and said "I apologize for disturbing you sir" and walked off.

From my days as a premise tech for Uverse I'm 99% certain he was a contractor paid to sell door to door. They like to bend the "truth" that fiber does, indeed, serve a DSLAM somewhere in your neighborhood so therefore you have fiber service. However, I'm not paying AT&T's prices for bonded pair VDSL on old aerial cable to get 45 megs with bandwidth caps when I can get 60 megs from Charter with no bandwidth caps for less. If and/or when AT&T actually does run fiber down my poles, I'm pretty sure I'll notice, and I'll decide if the cost is worth the megabits and limitations then.

Comment Weller soldering iron (Score 1) 702

More of a tool than something technical, but this thing was passed down to me after my father went to the playground in the sky and has to be at least 25 years old. I've never even replaced the tip, just file it down now and then to retin the tip.

Another great tool (that also passed down to me, and is also similarly about 25 years old) is a Beckman Industrial DMM. I've used it extensively in projects indoor and outdoor and I would put it up against a Fluke for quality and accuracy. I love that two of my staples when it comes to tinkering have been so dependable over the years.

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